Transfer Paris (Hotel or home adress) - Giverny

Paris (Hotel or home address) - Giverny

Giverny is a touristy and must-see place for artists, gardeners or art lovers. If you want to visit the house where Monet spent his life, use our private service transfer. The driver shall pick you up at your hotel and drive you to your destination


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A French commune located in the Eure department in the Haute-Normandie region, Giverny is known worldwide for being the residence chosen by one of the most influential representatives of the Impressionist artistic movement. Indeed, Claude Monet decided to settle here in 1883. Also, the city sees its architecture, its tourism economy, its reputation and its history influenced by the Impressionist movement.
The village of Giverny is mentioned for the first time around 1025 in the Latinized form of Giverniacum. The monks of the Saint-Denis-le-Ferment abbey were officially recognized as owners of the village by King Charles II the Bald. In the eleventh century, Giverny is allocated to the Saint-Ouen abbey in Rouen. Several monasteries were built there during medieval times. Among them, the barn was dedicated to the collection of taxes until the Revolution. After the revolution, the Giverny lands were acquired by the Lorier family.

Religious life plays a major part in the charm of this commune in the north-west of France, as well as the Impressionist current, which attracted painters from all over the world, notably Americans, who met Monet and then stayed in the region.

Claude Monet's gardens and home attracted nearly 530,000 visitors in 2010, making it a lung of the local economy. The residence of Monet heels the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel in the classification of the most visited sites in Normandy.


Here is a list of the monuments to visit in Giverny. Apart from museums and churches, visit the town by walking or cycling. During the Impressionist exhibitions, professionals offer to introduce the children to the techniques of paintings, and this within the consecrated gardens of Claude Monet.

House of Claude Monet

The Claude Monet Foundation, or Claude Monet's House and Gardens, is renowned for this small flowery commune of Haute-Normandie. This house in Giverny has been listed as a historical monument since April 1976. It holds the remarkable garden label. Here are the steps to follow during this visit of the Claude Monet Foundation:

The "petit salon bleu" (reading room),

The grocery store (warehouse)

The salon-atelier

The dining-room and its Japanese prints

The kitchen clad in the blue tiles of Rouen

The private apartments with bedroom, furniture and cabinets.

Room of Blanche Hoschedé visible by the consecutive public with long archive work.


The Museum of Impressionism

Giverny exhibits a collection of Impressionist artworks. Every year, the museum organizes an exhibition. Degas was honoured there in 2015. It is imperative to see this exhibition Impressionism if we want to understand the content of the Impressionist movement. Part of the museum is devoted to permanent hanging.


The Museum of Natural Mechanics

Permanent exhibition dedicated to the oldest engines and mechanical equipment in the world, the Diesel engine of 1908, model 28 tons. It is, to date, the most imposing of diesel engines, also the odds.


Memorial: the stela of the British aviators

Erected in memory of eight English airmen who lost their lives on June 8, 1944, this memorial was inaugurated on Saturday, January 20, 2007 in the presence of the local authorities and representatives of the English army. These airmen were shot down by the German Air Force, none of the crew escaped death.


The church of Sainte Radegonde

The church of Sainte Radegonde is inescapable by its style and its Romanesque architecture, its oldest part dates from the 11th century. The church was founded during the Merovingian period and was renovated in 2008 and 2010.




Moulin des Chennevières

The Moulin des Chennevières is located close to the main monuments of Giverny. Free Wi-Fi, a flowery garden set in a 3-hectare park, rooms with bath or shower are available. A hearty breakfast and a homemade dinner will be offered upon reservation.

This property offers value for money choice and to add extra to your stay, the staff speaks your language.

The Little Giverny
Accommodation includes free Wi-Fi. Just 150 meters from Monet's house, a terrace facing a landscaped garden, rooms overlook the garden. There is a restaurant of typical dishes of Haute-Normandie and the most delicious gastronomic specialties. Private parking and free parking are available.
The Garden of Plumes
Luxury hotel, this is the reference to Giverny and all of Normandy. Pets are allowed, free parking is available. A starred chef will offer you a more attractive menu, with dishes served in a setting combining large windows, a chandelier from an old steamer and buff-coloured walls.

La Musardière

Establishment of intermediate class, the Musardière will be able to provide you a very convivial accommodation. Pets allowed, free parking also, staff only waiting for your reservation to prepare rooms and facilities that will suit you.

The Hélène Gardens
Located at 1.0 km from the centre of Giverny, this hostel is highly recommended by the travel forums. The price of a room is around 100 euros.

Guest houses

The Clos Fleuri

Located at the top of the list of the most recommended establishments in Giverny, the Clos Fleuri is a hostel located 1.6 km from the centre of Giverny and a few minutes’ walk from the Museum of Impressionism.


The Clos de l'Eglise Cottage is renowned pleasant, friendly and well equipped in Giverny, the price of accommodation starts from € 80 per night. The room is designed to accommodate two people. This lodging is arranged on the site of an old presbytery.


73 km separate Giverny from the city of Paris, if your driver picks you by car. 1h23 min will be sufficient to travel the journey by using the A14 or A13.  You can follow the A14 and A13 in the direction of avenue Aristide Briand / D113 to Bonnières-sur-Seine then the shuttle takes D201, street of Limetz, street of Bennecourt and finally the van follows the D201 towards Grand Val street in Giverny.