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Thoiry  Zoological Park was created in 1968 by Viscount Panouse, an area of ​​150 hectares. It is located in the area of ​​the castle Thoiry Yveline, a few kilometers from Paris. This is a private park, but is open to public visits, with an entry price. A thousand animals are identified in this that is bundled with this a hundred species. Animals living in this great reserve are collected in categories. It is composed of botanical park, a park and an African reserve on foot. Boasting a huge space, the path for a complete tour lasts about 5 hours.
The botanical garden contains a large floral garden of 126 hectares. This course 3 km offers a wonderful environment located around the castle. Nearby stands a huge maze of 2.3 km route, or is the vivarium.
In the African reserve are grouped considered ferocious animals. Visitor traffic in this area is by car as residents living there are free. The tour is in vehicles belonging to visitors. The safety instructions are then communicated in advance to avoid any accidents. Among other things, the windows of the car must be fully closed, it is forbidden to feed the animals or the obligation not to drive so as not to frighten them. The discovery of animals is less impressive in the park on foot. Kangaroos or giant lizards can be met. The animals in this park comes from French or foreign zoos in France. Also, for people wanting to feel eager to be in contact with wild animals, a visit to this park is highly recommended them. In addition, air restaurants and picnic are available to visitors, as well as an area for children.

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