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Well-known for its cars race, the town of Mans worth also the visit for its St Julian’s Cathedral, its wall of fame… You can have a driver picks you up at Orly airport and drive you directly there


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Le Mans is part of the French municipalities of the department of Sarthe. It is located in the region of the Loire, at the confluence of the rivers Sarthe and Huisne.

Le Mans, former provincial capital of Maine and Perche

The old Mans is known as the "Plantagenet City" since it is in this region where the marriage of Geoffroy d'Anjou and the daughter of the King of England Mathilde l'Empresse took place and where King Henri II were born. In addition, this historic district of the city is the old "red city". This comes from the fact of the color of its Gallo-Roman enclosure. Until now, part of the region still retains this classic red architecture dating from the 3rd Century.


Le Mans a city of art and history

Le Mans region is home to a large number of historic monuments. Among others, there is so far a trace of the twelfth century through the hotel god Coëffort. Mans is also known by the palace of the Counts of Maine which is the Abbey of Couture. But the most visited historical monument by thousands of tourists a year to the countries of the Loire is the Saint-Julien cathedral. Gardens and parks of medieval inspiration are still preserved as the "park of Gué de Maulny" or "the garden of plants" which is a vestige of the era of great explorations.

In addition, it is a region with multiple green spaces and more than half of its population each has a private garden. Apart from the various historical monuments found there, the Le Mans region is also the place where the modern car of the Grand Prix de France was born. Its birth dates from the years 1906. In addition, several bridges of Le Mans also mark its history. Among them the "Pont de Pontlieue" and the "Pont X". But the only one still accessible so far is the old Napoleon bridge called the "Gambetta Bridge". Asking for a car service is advisable to trace the history of the municipality.


Located in Pays de la Loire, the city of Le Mans is one of the most famous in this part of France. It currently has less than 150,000 inhabitants. This city is therefore one of the most populated in the region. It is interesting to note that it is labeled "city of art and history". However, Le Mans has other assets to develop.

A city of art and history

The city of Le Mans is part of the Ministry of Communication as a city of art and history since 2009. The city's leaders have been able to highlight the historical heritage of the city and its cultural past. The preservation of these vestiges of the past has allowed the city to become a key attraction of the region despite the competition of other heritages. Therefore, it was not surprising to know that the Saint-Julien cathedral is the most visited site in the Pays de la Loire.

24 hours of Le Mans

The reputation of Le Mans was also based on one of the greatest races in the world: the 24 Hours of Le Mans. An annual event organized by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest, this race periodically brings together the best teams on the planet. It brings together more than 250,000 visitors each year. This makes it the biggest sporting event in this region

A city of tourism

It is obvious that Le Mans has become a tourist town with great potential. Apart from its prestigious past and international car racing, it also has other tourist attractions. These include the 24 hours Moto or the grand prix of France Moto. In addition, the city has become known through international films or festivals such as The Europa Jazz Festival.

Local gastronomy

The city of Le Mans has a rich gastronomic heritage that the chefs of the region put in the spotlight on their table. Currently, meat recipes are the most prepared by these chefs. Thus, visitors can enjoy rillette or game in the largest restaurants in the city. To do so many historical visits and gastronomic discoveries is possible in this locality


The city of Le Mans is a city full of cultural and historical heritage. It therefore has several sites that have made its reputation with tourists from around the world.

The Cathedral of Saint Julien

This cathedral is the most visited building in the city. It is even the heritage that hosts the most tourists annually in the Pays de la Loire region. This building is made in a subtle blend of Romanesque architecture and Gothic know-how. Different panels provide a glimpse of not only the history of France but also that of England.

The 24 hours circuit of Le Mans

This tour is one of the city's star attractions. Tourists can visit the circuit and the backstage of the track. Different activities are proposed when there is no race. It is even possible to do some laps for speed enthusiasts.

The Royal Abbey of Epau

Vestige of the religious past of the city, this magnificent abbey is a must for history buffs. The place is full of photos and paintings that bring life to the abbey. Visitors are also attracted by the presence of the remains of Queen Bérengère. The calm of the place brings to relax while rediscovering a part of the history of France.

The Plantagenet City

Plantagenet city is a city that has kept all its charm of yesteryear. It's as if time has stopped in this part of the city. Paved road, traditional houses and even eating places with traditional dishes await visitors.

The museum of the 24 hours of Le Mans

For lovers of beautiful mechanics, it is impossible to pass in the region without going through this museum. It brings together the history of the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race from its beginnings in the 1920s. Fans will find an impressive collection of racing cars that have become motor racing legends

The Papea park

The Papea Park is a well-known amusement park in the area. It allows you to make different attractions by going from the simplest to the most extreme. In addition, it has made a name for itself thanks to its attractions on the theme of water, especially in summer. It is quite possible to use car services on arrival at Orly airport to go directly to the town of Le Mans.

The Queen Bérangère Museum

The Queen Bérangère Museum is a heritage to visit in the city of Le Mans. Tourists, however, have the opportunity, through a visit, to discover the lifestyle of the old mansions in old Mans. It is a museum open all the year also allowing to see the different collections that it preserves and to admire the authentic residence of the XVIth century. The Queen Bérangère Museum is a building that houses all the ethnological collections of the city of Le Mans and the Maine region. The current collections in this museum include paintings, furniture and antiques.

The Green Museum

The Green Museum is also a marvel that tourists appreciate. This museum has been classified in the Museum of France. It contains the natural history of the city of Le Mans. The temporary exhibitions offered by this museum attract a multitude of visitors throughout the year. The activities of this museum are directed towards guided tours as well as conferences. There are two main categories of collections in the Green Museum, including earth science collections and zoological collections. The first collections to be seen are the meteorite of Saint-Ouen-en-Champagne, the auroch of Pontvallain and the vertebra of the Lexovisaurus of Béthon. The remains of the collections include the Persian Wolf, the Raven and the Great Bustard.

The other sites to visit in the city of Le Mans are: the Tessé museum, the 24-hour museum, the Plantagenêt square and the Saint-Pierre-la-Cour collegiate church and the Gallo-Roman walls around the old town.


Le Mans is one of the mythical cities of the West France. Itt is just 47.9 km away from La Flèche Zoo and 44.6 km away from Lude museum . The town is 235,5 km from CDG Airport and 198,6 km from Orly Airport.