Transfer Paris (Hotel or home adress) - Mont Saint Michel

Paris (Hotel or home address) - Mont Saint Michel

Private car transfer between  Paris and the Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel is a town located on a rocky base. It is dedicated to Saint-Michel, this is the origin of its name, where now stands the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. This abbey is one of the most visited monuments in Normandy and France. For its architecture and its bay, this beautiful place is popular with tourists, with almost three million visitors each year. Since 1979, the town and the bay on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO. The inhabitants of Mont-Saint-Michel called the Mons, in 2009 they were number 44.

The history of Mont-Saint-Michel begins with a legend that is linked to that of Monte Gargano in Apulia in Italy in 708, the Bishop of Avranches, Aubert, faces an apparition of the Archangel Michael and ordered to construct a building in its merit. But the bishop dream believer decides not to tell this event and waits for a second appearance, and remained in doubt.

During the last apparition, Saint-Michel was furious not to have been heard and give punishment to the bishop as proof of his power. Following this is a circular hole in his skull. He died years later. In the Basilica of Avranches is preserved skull of Aubert. Today the question is, the story is true or not. Until now nobody has been able to prove it.

For cons, the bishop has done the work imposed by the archangel. He built a small chapel which can accommodate about 100 people in the shape of a cave. Today, it remains nothing. Since 2010, between May and September a series of prestigious concerts and exhibitions are organized by the Centre of National Monuments to the abbey. And do not forget the festival "13 centuries between sea and sky."

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