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CDG Airport - Cergy Pontoise

The best option to reach Cergy Pontoise, this reference in advanced design architecture , is using our private car service. This means of transport is safe, reliable and quick


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Cergy Pontoise: a new city in France
The construction of this new French town which was made around two towns: Cergy and Pontoise dates from 1970. It is the intercommunal syndicate of France which decided to form in the north-west of the Ile-de-France. France this new city of Cergy-Pontoise. Thus, the village of Cergy becomes the heart of the vast city of Cergy Pontoise. It was from August 11, 1972 that its construction was formalized. It has twelve communes until 2012. But from there, we added 3 other towns including Méry-sur-Oise, Boissy-l'Aillerie and Pierrelaye. The creation of this new city lasted until December 31, 2002, when the EPA was dissolved. One of the specific characteristics of this city is the fact that many of the names of its neighborhoods are anhistoric and chosen by its college students. Among others, there is Centaure Avenue or Passeur d'étoiles road. There is also the path of the Surprise and the passage of the Snows of Antan. Requesting a car service helps to trace the history of the municipality.


Cergy Pontoise: its urbanism and its architecture

A mesh was built to protect schoolchildren who go to school on foot and thus rejecting car traffic in all devices of islands. There were only pedestrian walkways by footbridges. In the city center, the segregation of the various types of circulation has marked Cergy Pontoise since the forms of circulation are all in slab.


As for its architecture, it is the hotel of the prefecture of Val-d'Oise in the form of pyramid which was the building built first in this city by the architect Henry Bernard. Cergy Pontoise is also known for the major Axis which is considered as its symbol. It is a 3200 meter monument designed by the sculptor Dani Karavan in 1980, located in the center of the new city. It is composed of 12 stations and at its center is Belvedere Tower. In addition, multiple new buildings including the Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company (3M) and the Electricité de France (EDF) have been built.

Although it is still a fairly recent city in the landscape of Ile de France, Cergy Pontoise is known for its dynamism and its economic activities. It therefore proposes a strong power of attraction for active populations.
A development hub in Ile de France
With 12 municipalities and more than 185,000 inhabitants, Cergy Pontoise offers one of the best rates of professional integration in this area. The city is also equipped to attract large companies as well as small startups. Thus, there are more than 90,000 potential jobs with an annual creation of almost 2,000 positions.


The Technopolitan Business Park
The Saint Christophe Technopole Park is the spearhead of the region's technological development. It hosts companies working in new technologies as well as incubators of startups in this field. Research laboratories help to position themselves in this sector of activity, the future of the economy of this region.


Business parks for all sectors
Cergy Pontoise has impressive parks for all sectors of activity such as logistics or the commercial sector. Industrial buildings have been built to meet the demand of some large groups. Nearly 800 ha are planned for this expansion of the potential in business parks of the municipality. All this allows to have nearly 750,000 m² of space for offices for more than 3,500 companies. A car service always on time is however advisable as well for those who are there on business trips as those who are passing.

Charles de Gaulle International Airport near Cergy Pontoise
This municipality has the distinction of being located near the international airport of Roissy CDG. This opportunity allows it to position itself on the international market as well as on the intra-European market. It presents a proximity logistics highly appreciated by the large groups who settled there.
Training of the next generation
To ensure the economic sustainability of the town, Cergy Pontoise has a university and several institutions of higher education. The city hosts an average of more than 30,000 students a year. These entities are increasingly turning to the priority sectors highlighted in the city's business sectors such as new technologies.

Cergy Pontoise: a tourist destination for everyone
A stay in Cergy Pontoise is ideal for all types of tourists. Indeed, those who are in business tourism will be able to use the various spaces dedicated to the accomplishment of their task like conference rooms, places of seminars as well as multiple playful activities of companies. As for river tourists, they will be able to discover the river ports while visiting the river halts of the Cergy-Pontoise Tourist Office. Tourists also enjoy cruises aboard boats and discover the Oise.


Cergy Pontoise: its tourist attractions
In Cergy Pontoise, tourists will have a very busy schedule to not miss the thousand and one wonders of this place. Among other things, discoveries and history lovers can visit the Saint-Madou cathedral, the major axis of Cergy-Pontoise or Saint-Christophe church. Tavet- Delacour Museum or Pissaro Museum, the old Pontoisey Castle are also essential tourist sites. Moreover, it is considered an island of recreation. Indeed, during a stay on this island, it is possible to spend pleasant moments by practicing various fun activities than those are aquatic or terrestrial. These include windsurfing, catamaran sailing, rafting and water skiing. Many activities are therefore at the rendezvous.
The sandy beach with a giant slide is also not to be missed. For those who love nature, Cergy Pontoise is an ideal holiday destination. Indeed, it contains a large number of unique parks of their kind. Among them, we can mention the Menucourt castle park or the Vexin French Regional Nature Park. Those who come with their family can bring their children to visit the Val d'Oise Family Leisure Parks, an area of ​​2500 m² that is able to give pleasure to any child. The beautiful garden in the heart of the city Pontoise named "the Garden of the city" is also part of walks not to be missed. It is quite possible to use car services on arrival at CDG airport to go directly to Cergy Pontoise.

Cergy Pontoise was designed to be an economic lung in the northwestern part of Ile de France. It is possible to find places to discover nearby. It is 31.9 km from Louvre Museum and 29.9 km from Montmartre. The city is 43.5 km from CDG Airport and 54.9 km from Orly Airport.