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Orly Airport - Epernay

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According to history, these are tanners artisans who created the town of Epernay by installing their workshop on the bank of "Cubry" to work their leathers. However, according to the statements, the city has built much earlier. During the Gallo-Roman period, the Marne between Celtic Gaul and Belgium Gaul. Epernay is on the left side, Celtic side. She enters history from the fifth century through some paperwork while at Mont Bernon was discovered traces and tombs dating from the fifth century BC. AD

The struggles and wars for centuries bury the city, the past is erased. At the end of the eighteenth century, Epernay is reborn thanks to its great success for champagne

Birth of Epernay

Built on marshy ground by the Romans, the city of Epernay is named after the word "Aqua-perennial" because actually before it was a wet and muddy terrain with brambles. After "Aqua-perennial" becomes "Aixsperne" then "Epernay". The gallos-Roman had another name of Epernay "sparnacus" defined as a place planted with thorns (note: also called the inhabitants of Epernay "the Spanarciens").

Because of its location on the bank of the Marne, the city of Epernay was always at the center of various battles. Before, she was part of Celtic Gaul. The city is invaded by the Franks following the Germanic invasions. A Clovis officer took command of the city that gives the Saint Remi in 486. The latter, in turn, leaves the church of Reims in 593. After fighting several times, Epernay is dominated by Childebert I, Then I Chipéric which assails and asked residents to pay relatively high taxes on the vines. Therefore, they have left their land ... Later, she was sacked by Frénégonde and Charles Martel once again destroyed in 720 and 765.

In the Middle Ages, was a well Epernay Champagne counts. A union between Juana I of Navarre and Philippe Le Bel fact that the city depends on the kingdom of France. Many people have succeeded at the head of the city and in 1515, governance of Epernay is transmitted to Louise of Savoy once his son François 1er was consecrated.

At the end of the First World War, the city has nothing left. During the 1939-1945 war until his release Aug. 28, 1944, the city was bombarded from all sides following the occupation of the Germans. The only footprints of the past spared by this war are the facade of the "House of Savoy Louise" and "Portal Saint-Martin" dating from the sixteenth century.

At the end of the eighteenth century, the future of the city of Epernay is changed by the future mirobolant of a champagne. During the nineteenth century, the economy of the city is a big leap forward by the active presence of champagne wholesalers from Germany. Various mansions were then installed along the famous Avenue de Champagne. But even more, in testimony of this rich and fertile period have built the lovely Gabrielle Dorziat theater, Gallice house and the impressive Château Perrier. Since the direction of Epernay home to illustrious Champagne Houses, world renowned.


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The town of Epernay is 144 km from Roissy Airport and 156 km from Orly airport and the transfer is done in about 2 hours. Beauvais airport is quite far from Epernay because it must travel 185 km in 2 hours 50 minutes.