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Do not search for a taxi or a crowded bus to reach the most beautiful castle in France upon your arrival at Beauvais airport. Our private vehicle helps you get there for reasonably-priced transfer.


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Places of interest around Beauvais



Historical monument of more than 800 years, the Collegial of Crecy is a tourist highlight touristic region of Seine et Marne. It is now a cultural and religious site, and today it shelter Eucharistic celebrations, classical concerts and exhibitions.

Presentation of Crecy Collegial Church

The Collegial Church of Our Lady of the Assumption or Crecy Collegial is known as the second most beautiful church of Brie. Created in the 13th century (1202), the church reflects the Gothic architectural tradition of the time. The Crecy Collegiale was built over several decades until 1243. From September 2015 until April 2016, the interior of the building was completely renovated and restored. It should be noted that the Collegial Church has elements of unique architecture as the famous apse vault made up of 12 branches. This gives a lot of lightness to the interior of the building. It should be noted that the walls of the building have three successive rows of windows and stained-glass windows. These give an incomparable luminosity to the whole.

The monuments to see

With its 8 centuries of existence, the Collegial Church of Crecy has a large number of objects and monuments that recall the practices of the past. When visiting the place, do not miss to see the famous wooden crucifix painted in the 14th century above the main portal. The church also hosts a representation of the virgin with the polychrome child of the 14th century, not to mention the Trinity, from the 5th century on the wall to the right of the main portal. In addition, the 19th-century stained-glass windows and the capitals carved with picturesque figures offer an exceptional spectacle. During a visit to the Collegial church, do not forget to see the apse with its 12-pointed rib vault: a unique construction in France.


Vestige of the Middle Age, Saint-Pierre Notre-Dame-des-Ardents Abbey is a church that was founded during the 11th century. The church is located in Brie in the Seine et Marne region.

A church rich in history

It is important to note that the original building of Saint-Pierre Notre-Dame-des-Ardents Abbey was more than 100 meters long. He extended his hold to the Place de la Fontaine, the present-day Town Hall. Today, the Abbey has only one choir and two bays compared to the original nave. Nevertheless, the traces of the Gothic architecture of the Ile-de-France church are still very remarkable. Saint-Pierre Notre-Dame-des-Ardents Abbey includes six chapels, exceptional stained-glass windows and walls that have seen hundreds of years of history.

A cultural edifice rich in experience

Like all other churches in the region, Saint-Pierre Notre-Dame-des-Ardents Abbey remains a place of worship for Catholics. However, it is important to note that outside the hours of worship, the church is open to visitors. On entering the building, it is possible to admire the superb stained-glass windows and statues in Gothic colors and tendencies. It should also be noted that the church has several paintings dating from the 11th century, as well as reliquaries, bas-reliefs, decoration of capitals. Religious monuments such as baptismal fonts, the remains of the 12th century portal in Saint Furcy chapel are also to be seen. The main stage of the visit to the church is the discovery of the six chapels: Saint Joseph Chapel, located in the bell tower, has a marble altar and a profitable one whose columns were offered by Louis XIV; Saint Sauveur Chapel, Saint Denis and Saint Furcy Chapel; Then there is the Joan of Arc Chapel with the statue "Pillar of Joan of Arc" and finally the Chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.


Looking forward to exploring the city symbolizing a whole history? The Castle of Versailles gives you the opportunity to discover wonders. However, you have not yet considered choosing your mode of transport to achieve it? We are at your disposal, in order to offer you our transfer service by means of a shuttle from Beauvais Airport to the Castle of Versailles.

We recommend three types of transportation depending on their respective options, including: group shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car. We also highlight the comfort and luxury in each of these cars without forgetting of course that they are equipped with modern articles. Our dynamic and multidisciplinary team will satisfy you during your journey. You have to be on the road for less than two hours. Starting from Beauvais Tillé airport the driver will then start by joining the A A6 motorway in Beauvais. From there, you have to reach the bridge of the A115 and at Gennevilliers take the 86 towards La Défense and then follow the exit to Versailles.