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Caen is a commune in the Calvados department in the region of Lower Normandy. The city of Caen is also known as the "Golden City" because of the presence of not less than forty churches in the city. What makes the charm of this city. Unfortunately, the city of Caen was not spared by the wars that have succeeded. At the beginning of the Hundred Years War, the town of Caen was destroyed following the takeover of Edward III, King of England. During the Second War, Caen also suffered severe consequences with the destruction of more than 68% of its buildings. The renewal of these buildings took place just after the cessation of hostilities between 1947 and 1963.

Tourism and activities in Caen

The town of Caen is known for its many unique buildings and historical monuments. Its architectural heritage, which is the pride of the whole region, has fortunately survived the bombing during the wars that have succeeded. Many of these buildings were quickly restored after the wars. Tourists can now visit these monuments and buildings such as the castle of William the Conqueror and timber framed houses. These half-timbered houses, which are typical of this region, there Quatrans house dating from the early sixteenth century, the old museum of the post and the buildings of the interwar period. Do not miss the guided tour of the churches of the town, just as remarkable as each other like Saint Peter, Saint John and Saint Sauveur .... There are also walks in groups or lovers, the garden city of Rosiers Nice and Caen. For art lovers, there is the Museum of Fine Arts opened to tourists, the Memorial for Peace and the halls of the rampart. These are tourist attractions that give a cultural note during the visit of the city of Caen. For history buffs, there is the new courthouse built in a Studio architecture.

To explore the city in peace and comfort, we invite tourists to do we call for a transfer service while traveling in the city and its surroundings. We will ensure that visits this city become unforgettable for these tourists. With our transfer services, we ensure transportation with our three categories of cars comfortable and equipped with modern facilities.

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Caen is 51km southwest of Le Havre, 199km from the city of Paris. For the airports of Paris, there are 253km between Caen and Orly airport, 559km from Caen to Charles de Gaulle Airport and 264 km to go to the airport Beauvais Tille.

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