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With a rich architectural and historical heritage, Chantilly is labeled "City of Art and History" since 2007. The city is best known for its castle and whipped cream of the same name.

The east-west direction in the eighteenth century is the district of princes. This district was called at that time the "big street" which is lined with large buildings and which leads to the castle. As for the north-south direction, it leads to the station and borders a district of the nineteenth century.

Chantilly has a fairly recent history. The excavations have uncovered the furniture of a burial dating from the Roman Empire and tombs dating from the 7th but there is no trace of writing that evokes the existence of a city and life that was going on there. It was in 1223 that the name of the place was mentioned in an act. And it is in 1358 that the existence of a castle is mentioned whereas this one is the object of a looting during the revolt of Grande Jacquerie.

The locality begins to be known in the sixteenth century when the lords of Montmorency engaged in the reconstruction and modernization of the castle. The power of this family shines around. A small agglomeration eventually formed around the castle. But when Henry II of Montmorency rebelled against the royal authority, Louis XIII had him executed. The latter then confiscated his property and the castle in 1632. In 1643, Anne of Austria restored the castle to Charlotte de Montmorency, sister of Henry II of Montmorency and wife of Henry II of Bourbon-Condé. Thus the domain became the property of Conde. In 1664, the Domaine de Chantilly was refurbished by the Grand Condé with the help of gardener André Le Notre.

In 1692, the city of Chantilly gets its first church built on the plans of Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the famous architect. The city also became a parish. It keeps growing. The Great Stables were built in 1719, new buildings were built from 1727. Better still, the park of the castle was transformed to accommodate Enghien castle and the Chinese garden in 1770. In 1789 however, during the Revolution, the Castle Chantilly is transformed into prison.

From the nineteenth century, the town of Chantilly becomes a holiday resort including the horse racing field founded in 1834. Currently, it is a residential area and a place for tourist accommodation located only 30 km from the city. Roissy International Airport. Our destination is mainly from the airport to the hotel if you want to stay in the city.


Chantilly is a french municipality, located in the department of Oise, in the region Hauts-de-France. It should also be noted that it belongs to the urban area of ​​Paris. It is currently undergoing considerable development thanks to the community of communes of the Cantilian area or "CCAC".

The CCAC has made a lot of changes to the city of Chantilly. Among other things, it participates in Chantilly's sustainable development initiative. This is the modernization and redevelopment of the racecourse of this city. Numerous constructions and amenities of play centers, especially for young people, are also installed, including sports facilities, intermunicipal swimming pools and multiple bike paths.

Chantilly is now known for its equestrian activities. Indeed, horse races are held frequently on its racetrack to the point that the price of the Jockey Club and Diane's prize participate in economic development. This city is known for the presence of the largest training center horse race France that houses it.

With its castle and park, Chantilly currently receives thousands of tourists each year. The living museum of the horse and the many collections of the Condé museum are also considered by Chantilly as one of the most attractive tourist attractions in the northern Paris region. In addition, the old golf course "Golf de Chantilly" are very popular with tourists. It includes a total of 36 holes and was designed by golf architect Tom Simpson. The presence of the first polo center in Western Europe, the "Polo Club Chantilly" also participates in tourism development of this French city. In addition, thanks to the existence of five-star hotels, from time to time it hosts football teams that perform courses or stays in the vicinity of this city. Book a car service in Paris to go to Chantilly is an option that is offered to you if you go for a business trip.


Chantilly is a tourist destination that is currently famous for its historical heritage, quality and dynamism. What makes this French territory famous is its castle. This city is now attracting a large number of tourists whose number continues to grow year by year. Indeed, its tourist attractions are diverse which allows it to be a not insignificant tourist city of France.

The "Domaine de Chantilly" is a surprising historical monument of Chantilly. This castle is a vast and magnificent private domain of France. It was the home of so many princely dynasties from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. Inside this place, it is possible to discover a large number of treasures that do not exist anywhere else through the Condé Museum. Among other things, there are the many galleries of paintings with paintings of the centuries before that are sheltered there. Besides what the castle contains, its gardens and parks as well as its stables are also fascinating.

"The Great Stables" also worth a detour to Chantilly. This building dates back to the 18th century and is still used until now for dressage demonstrations and various shows. This is where the "Living Horse Museum" is located, where many ancient objects related to horses are kept. Paintings and drawings also embellish the place. It should be noted that the largest racecourse in France that dates from the nineteenth century is a short walk from this site. But, the "mill of princes" or "Pavillon de Manse" is also to visit Chantilly. This 17th century building is home to machines from that era, some of which have undergone renovations and reconstructions but are still in progress until now. Ask a driver to drive you from Paris to discover the best whipped creams in the region.


The vegetable garden of the Princes" is one of the must-sees of Chantilly and welcomes a large number of visitors every day. It is a park in analogy with the kitchen garden of the king at Versailles. It offers a true symphony of gardens while being a remarkable animal and historical park.


Chantilly is a French commune located in the Picardie region, 40 km north of Paris. It is 24.7 km from Parc Astérix and just 23.4 km from Chaalis Royal Abbey. It is 63 km from Orly Airport and 29 km from CDG Airport.