Transfer CDG Airport - Tours

CDG Airport - Tours


Transport by private shuttle between the airport Roissy CDG and the city of Tours

Tours, city of Art and History
The Gallic people called "Turones" lived in the lands and invaded the area about 20 kilometers near Tours, currently named City of Amboise. Around 20 years after Jesus Christ has created a city "Caesarodunum" (Caesar City) under the aegis of the Romans where access is free, however; anyone wishing to settle there can do so without any constraints. It reflects even a true Roman town with its typical buildings temple, forum, baths and amphitheater.
A wall of 1245 meters long and 4.5 meters wide with a height of 10 m defining the city was built in 370, which will place this city as a metropolis of the Third Lyonnaise. In the early fifth century, it was renamed "Citivas Turonorum" (City of Turones) which, after some modifications, becomes "Tours". Tours A milestone is the election of the archbishop Saint Martin in 371 who died in 397 and is buried there.
Upon entry of Tours, you have a beautiful view with great white frames with typical facades that surround it. The new bridge accessible by a straight road through the town consists of 15 arches, flat feet 75 opening, a sign of great effort to keep more beauty this provincial town.

From the year 1985 the Ministry of Culture and Communication, General Directorate for Heritage grants the label to local authorities who grow and give more value to their heritage. It certifies the skills of tour guides, animators of architecture and heritage, and the quality of actions. The national network of Towns and Regions of art and history is thus born and has approximately 173 cities including Tours, which forms part since 1988 with more than 2,000 years of history. This network operates all heritages in their diversity and provides an overview of these via their competence throughout France.

Distance between Paris airports and the city of Tours
Orly airport is the closest to the city of Tours because you can get there in 2 hours 20 minutes to connect the 230 km separating them. Then comes Roissy Airport to 262 km in 2 hours 50 minutes and finally Beauvais Airport to 323 km in 3 hours 34 minutes.

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