Transfer CDG Airport - Montargis

CDG Airport - Montargis

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One of the places marking the town of Montargis: Durzy the garden

It is the Foundation Durzy, including Philippe-François Durzy is the creator who established the famous garden in the year 1862. If you make a short stop in the town of Montargis, you will of the visit this garden with privilege all its characteristics. At first seen, you will find the statue of Montargis Dog Gustave Debrie being created in 1870 and also the arcades of Lorris dating back to the eighteenth century and around which were offered by the Hotel de Lorris Tournemotte. After these arcades were acquired by Montargis family to be installed in the garden in the year 1862. The garden also houses the Girodet Museum and City Hall.

In addition, trees abound in the garden this case the California redwood that reaches 140 meters high, the Louisiana Magnolia is a tree native to Asia and America very sought for ornamental parks and gardens and finally the Caribbean Savonnier whose pulp provides soap.

In the back of the garden, famous trees were planted, each its characteristics ie Ifs red balls up to 15 m high and have a shelf life long enough. It also includes a cookie tree that releases a caramel odor, and a Chestnut Catalpa. Other conifers that Ifs, the garden is decorated with Spruces, a Japanese Cryptomeria and different species from Spain and the Orient. You can also admire the famous trees from around the world whose mulberry offered by China, Cedars from America and Africa, particularly in the Himalayas and Atlas, Virginia and Tulip tree famous Ginkgo Bilbao, a Chinese tree with fan-shaped leaves are grown as ornamental tree and in the Far East considered as a sacred tree. 3 gold lilies Durzy also adorn the garden.


History of Dog of Montargis 

It is in the courtyard garden Durzy where was the old town hall, the statue of the famous dog of Montargis Gustave Debrie was placed. This dog had one of the highlights of the garden Durzy to the year 1371. According to history, it is the finder of the body of its owner, Aubry of Montdidier knight who was shot by Macarius, a Russian prelate also advisor of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible while walking with his dog in the forest. But her story does not stop there because due to the lack of education at the time, the dog has done a service by finding the murderer of his owner with his hateful attitude towards him. Indeed, following the request of the king, the animal and Macarius had to face, why the latter was defeated by one. Thus he admits his murder and was hanged. You can see the details of a stained glass window of the church of Montargis..