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Minivan transfer from Disneyland Paris to Gare de l’Est


An initiative of the Directorate General of Bridges, Roads and Mines, East station in Paris was created consecutively on the occasion of the creation of five main lines on Paris. This station was initially called the Strasbourg railway station. It should be noted that these events of the station's birth took place in Strasbourg in 1842. Seven years later, the East railway station was inaugurated and served first in Strasbourg, from where its former name of landing stage of Strasbourg.

Access to this station passes through a hall: the famous hall of the main lines, which, moreover, still exists within the North Station in Paris. This hall of the main lines exposes in 1926 the works of the American painter Albert Herter. This work was dedicated in homage to the son of this painter, who died near Château-Thierry. This hall was the first to have a blanket. However, by a fortunate accident characteristic of the history of the Parisian stations, the latter is the only one that is not equipped with this roofing installation. Here are the main lines of the history of this station for nearly two centuries.

1849: Construction of the monumental station. Following this expansion in 1854, the landing stage of Strasbourg definitely receives the name of station of the East.

Since a Napoleonic visit, the buildings of this station are articulated in U around a metallic hall. Most of the elements of the building are regularly reworked, but it is in 1931 that the station of the East acquires its current form. The whole will be regularly reworked behind the vast facade, at the top of which stands a statue representing Strasbourg. If it were not for the construction of an underground regulating station during the Second World War, the East station remained unchanged for many decades until the arrival of the high-speed lines (LGV).

In 2007, the East station welcomes the TGV. This welcome will be an opportunity to start new works very important for the future of the station.


Tourist Office – Gare de l’Est

Kiosk open every day except the first of January, the 25th of December and the days of the Labor Day, it is a window of the very official Office of Tourism and Congress of Paris, being near after track 19. This team will provide you with the necessary information, accommodation information in the tourist and leisure activities. This agency is less crowded than the main office of Pyramids next to the Opera, but you will most likely find the leaflets and other resources you are looking for.

Miniature Railways

3 Miniature railway lines are located in this station. Different scales, more than 600 meters of tracks make up these tracks with hundreds of switches and machines. Crafted by meticulous hand, these lanes welcome the goods wagons. Owned by the French Association of Friends of Railways (AFAC), these miniatures to be discovered were installed between 1946 and 1955. The Afac was created in 1929 and ensures the maintenance of the 3 miniature networks. It also publishes a magazine, manages a library and participates in the organization of trips.

Market of Saint-Quentin

The market of Saint Quentin collects more than favourable opinions among people newly arrived at the station of the east. The kiosk of the tourist office ranks this visit among the best sites to visit. The market has acquired an Attestation of Excellence, and it is also a particularly unknown market that presents foods of Italian origin, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as grocery stands.


Bierissime is a property which suggests you tasting good wines and the best local vineyards. Collecting the best reviews from Parisian shopping guides. The Bierissime of Paris is located at 85 bis boulevard de Magenta, in the 10th district of the French capital. With a brewery and an exceptional wine cellar, Bierissime is located in the Marché Saint-Quentin, between a butcher and a cheese factory. Bierissime is a good plan to discover beers of all kinds and spend a few minutes sipping a beer before joining the train. We can list, among a large selection of beers, La Tsing Tao, Abstract AB and other vintage beers.


Holiday Inn Express

4 star hotel ideally located near the train station, the Holiday Inn of the East station makes you enjoy rooms decorated in a contemporary Parisian style.

Hôtel Kyriad

The hotel is 15 minutes from the city center, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the beautiful Louvre Museum. This is a 3 star hotel in a great location. The Kyriad Paris East station offers a location in the heart of the Gare de l'Est district. Having renovated its well-equipped rooms, a hearty breakfast and a warm welcome, this three-star hotel welcomes you with a highly qualified staff.

Modern and comfortable, according to the opinions of the last guests who have left a review about this hotel, you will be welcomed there throughout the year in the 10th district of Paris. The hotel Kyriad is a 3 star hotel. Nearby are situated metro lines 4, 5 and 7 as well as many bus lines.


This journey will take you through Quai de Bercy with the objective of joining the motorway of the East (A4), passing by Charenton-le-Pont. The Boulevard de la Bastille, Boulevard du Temple, Boulevard de Magenta, cross the Faubourg Saint-Denis street and the Rue de l'Alsace before arriving at the East station.