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Are you thinking of going to Calais? there are many historical monuments to see and also know  is Calais know  for its lace and the Channel Tunnel to England.Plan your trip to Calais with our chauffeured limo service and our air-conditioned van shuttles


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The whole France had Vercingetorix, Joan of Arc, Napoleon Bonaparte, Georges Clemenceau, Charles de Gaulles and many other national heroes more or less known. The city of Calais alone has its six bourgeois. Six wealthy gentlemen who accepted the humiliation of the King of England at the time to spare the lives of his fellow citizens. In their honor, the city of the Opal Coast has had in their honor statues carved by Rodin, one of the greatest French sculptors of all time.

Discover The Burghers of Calais
Your stay in Calais takes you to admire this statuary bronze group erected in front of the town hall. The Burghers of Calais is the most photographed monument of the department of Pas-de-Calais, they are part of the must-sees of Haut-de-France. Visitors love to immortalize these unique but expensive works of art in the city. To know the history of these emblematic characters, we must go back in 1346 - 1347, at the beginning of the Cents de Cents years.

Brief reminder of history
In September 1346, Edward III of England laid siege to the city of Calais whose garrison commanded by the Knight Jean of Vienna resisted the army of the English ruler. Eleven months of siege were right Calaisians, deprived of living, hungry. They felt abandoned by the French royal troupe and then negotiate their surrender. It was then that Edward III., Irritated by so much resistance, laid down his conditions: the most important of the Calais bourgeois, barefooted, with no clothes other than their shirts, and cords around their necks, should present themselves before him with the key of the city. This is how Eustache de Saint-Pierre, Jean d'Aire, Pierre and Jaques de Wissant, Jean de Fiennes and Andrieu d'Andres agree to be taken to the King so that the Calaisians have their lives saved. Queen Philippa de Hainaut, wife of Edward III convinces her husband to save life to six Bourgeois.

In their memory, the city of Calais asked the sculptor Auguste Rodin a statutory group that represents the six men markets to their fate. The work was inaugurated in 1895. This work with important artistic posterity is one of the most famous of Rodin. In search of a tour, we can take you to discover these sculptures and so many other monuments of the city.

To visit Calais, is to leave for a historical adventure and a stay of discovery in this extreme north of France. Among the places of interest of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, there is the International City of Lace and Fashion of Calais. It is a hotspot for this exceptional know-how.
The International City of Lace and Fashion, a museum retracing the history and evolution of lace making
An opportunity for you to understand this trade whose products are very popular in fine lingerie and clothing, and also in home furnishings and decor. Children and adults will be able to discover all the lace manufacturing techniques as well as the various looms used for the various processes. The seven-storey building offers a variety of routes from the history of lace to the spindle and the needle, passing to that with mechanical machines, then the history of the evolution of lace-making in Calais. The course also features a lace making demonstration, a lace use stand in the world as well as an exhibition of contemporary creations.

Some information to know about the city
The International City of Lace and Fashion is a museum worth visiting. The former 19th century lace factory, the Boulart factory, was renovated and rehabilitated, including a glass and steel extension by the architects Alain Moatti and his partner Henri Rivière. The collections exhibited on the site are composed of underwear, dresses, coats, draperies. You will also find two gigantic weaving machines 4.5 meters long. Regarding the games and manipulations in the collections, they are intended for both young and old. Activities can be done solo or with family. Do not forget to go through the 3D cabin for your measurements.
Your escapade is in a way a participation in the promotion and safeguarding of this French cultural heritage. Our destination is mainly from the airport to the hotel, but we can drop you in front of the International Lace and Fashion City.

Notre Dame de Calais is an extraordinary heritage building. First, it is the only and only old church in the city. Then, it is an English cathedral built according to Tudor architectural style. Speaking of old, it is really a journey through the centuries that offers this building built in 1214, and has been sublime during its 800 years of existence. Witnesses of history, it bore the stigmata of many events in French history: from the Hundred Years War to the digital age, passing the French Revolution and the Second World War.

Brief reminder of the history of the church
For the record, the construction of the church began in 2014 under the leadership of Adrien de Wissant. It was erected in the parish ten years later. After the capture of Calais in 1347, Notre-Dame was attached to the archbishopric of Canterbury by the King of England Edward III. In the 17th century, after it became French again, the church was extended with a chapel of axis called the chapel of the Virgin which allowed to accommodate more faithful. At the time of the revolution, it was transformed into a temple dedicated to the cult of reason before being returned to the Christian cult in 1802. Its bell crumbles in 1944 following a bombing by mistake of the troupe Allied. It was subsequently restored respectively in 1963-1973 (nave and bell tower), 1976-1978 then 2001 (creation of stained glass by the master glassmaker Lardeur) and 2002-2013 (choir, altarpiece and chapel).

Why visiting The Church of Notre Dame de Calais?
High-rise tourism in the Opal Coast, the Church of Notre Dame de Calais has something to offer. It has the most beautiful altarpiece in Europe, built in marble, magnified by the painting of Seghers and the 12 statues of alabaster representing Charlemagne and the evangelists such as Saint Mark and Saint John. The last renovation allowed this work to shine again. Added to this is the repopulated garden with a special scented rose variety, selected by landscape painter and historian Caroline Holmes and created by the English nurseryman Richard Beales. There are also other roses such as the pink Notre-Dame (cream color) and pink Louis Francia (purple color). A family walk around and inside this monument is essential. We can provide a day rental service.

Calais is a port city located in the department of Pas-de-Calais. Dennlys Park is 59.7 km from Calais while The Blockhaus at Eperlecques is 34.5 km away. For the distance from the city to Paris airports, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport is 263.9 km and Orly Airport is 302.6 km.