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Overview of Versailles

The city of Versailles, very poor at the beginning, has taken root in the center of forests and marshes of the Val de Galie.

The Château de Versailles is in the north, behind a wide oak once used for the offerings of the Druids. Farther back from the houses of Chesnay, another castle, even the lord of Rocquencourt is placed on the slope of a wooded hill bordering the plain and the surrounding hamlets churches.

If we start from the east from the edge a wide pond, Clagny, a large sturdy tower stands with its four floors. A Glatigny, there is a mansion full defending the town of Montreuil; is also home to a hospital for lepers built next to that same wide pond near Montbauron, the latter belonging to the Celestine monks to chase crooks and criminals, they planted the gallows at the entrance of the bridge.

Yet another castle south decorated with small towers and surrounded by large ditches. It was built by the sommelier of King John II of France, Etienne Porcher. It includes farms and barns.

And finally to the west, Mount of Versailles with its summit at a windmill. The town of Versailles, with its Saint-Julien church stands on the south side of the mountain. Between the church and the mill, we find the remains of a structure that was once a castle. If it still grows westward, a large expanse of forest teeming with game. The village of Choisy-to-Ox is right and the left of Trianon which has its own church.

The village of Versailles was located inside of a quadrilateral between the current streets of Saint-Julien, Satory, Orangerie and American Independence formed the outskirts of the city of Versailles.

Mount Versailles hosted among others the stately north of the city and the current location of Grand Commun was the Saint-Julien church. Instead of the small seminar and the Orleans hotel street in Old Versailles, was the cemetery.

Versailles, from the Latin word versus (slope) and -alia (place) designated in the eleventh century "plowed land".

If one refers to the Old French, the definition of this word is: cleared land, like to essart hence the name of one of its common Les Essarts-le-Roi near Rambouillet. Another more ancient writing describes the name as Versail.

The "
Verses Saillantes"

But it is mainly a plain abandoned to "verses salient" and / or "salient waters", King Louis XIII of France are often hunted. Because of the dirt surrounding ponds, during the construction of the castle, over 3 000 people have died because of malaria.

As Aquarius, sign of water: shower or weir; the city of Versailleux Dombes (Ain) whose collective source confirms the territorial hydrological appearance.

Distance between the airports of Paris and Versailles

In only 23 minutes, it is possible to join the Versailles browsing the starting 23 km from Orly airport. The Versailles are respectively 44 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 100 km from Beauvais Airport. Starting from Versailles, one can get to these airports in 50 minutes and 1 hour 18 minutes.

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