Transfer CDG Airport - Villepinte Expo

CDG Airport - VILLEPINTE Exhibition Hall


Airport Shuttle transfer between Charles De Gaulle and Villepinte exhibition Hall
A simple setback can be enough to destroy a nice day scheduled for relaxation. This could be the case if you do not already the precaution of booking a shuttle for your next visit to the Villepinte Exhibition Hall. We welcome you to Charles De Gaulle airport on scheduled punctual time and we will introduce you immediately to Versailles. As for you, time is gold for us, and customers are king, so all associates to focus on the motto. Vehicles that are submit to your choice are well maintained, luxurious and comfortable, and our friendly team is of a remarkable skill.

Versailles (Castle or Hotel) - Orly Airport


A professional driver will be waiting very welcoming and take you calmly to correct destination.

Paris (Hotel or home address) - Versailles (Castle or Hotel)


Our team will serve you with a great sense of professionalism and exemplary welcome.

Orly Airport - La Défense


Upon arrival, our staff will collect you at the airport on time.

Paris (Hotel or home address) - Orly Airport


A better transfer than a taxi and nicer than the bus, everything at a very good price.

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