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There are several things and places to see in the beautiful capital of France. But if you’ve just visited Eurodisney and you have to get to Beauvais airport, you won’t need to figure out how to get there. We can arrange an airport car service for you.


Transfer shuttle between Disneyland Paris and Beauvais Airport


The Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel is part of the Disney group's attraction and hotel complex in Paris. This site has decided to highlight the incredible universe of circus artists. In addition to this, it returns to the classics that have made the fame of France such as the French gardens or the restoration of high aerobatics.

Accommodation for everyone

This hotel, which is based on the circus world, has 396 rooms and suites available to its customers. Moreover, since it is mostly used as a lodging site for visitors to the Disney Park, it has family rooms that are specially designed for the well-being of children. For dining, a nice restaurant with typical French meal remains open for guests. The hotel also has a bar as well as a very beautiful terrace worthy of the finest signs of the restoration of the Hexagon.

Activities for rest and relaxation

The site serves to relax after the gruelling days spent in the Disney Park. Therefore, different infrastructures allow you to rest and take care of your body. These include the wellness areas, the spa or the relaxation terrace. To relax the body away from aggressive weather outside, the resort offers guests a heated indoor pool.

Impeccable service

The hotel offers high quality service to its guests. The reception is thus open without interruption, H24 and 7/7 days. Access to internet is free with broadband, via Wi-Fi. Room service is among the most appreciated at the Vienna House Magic Circus Hotel. It is worth noting that the parking lot is large and free of charge.


Maritime life is a world which passionate about many people. Discovering fish and marine animals in their natural environment is an attraction that attracts the crowd. The Europe Val Sea life aquarium of Val shopping center is one of the most beautiful attractions of France in this area of aquatic life.

Animations adapted to underwater life

Every day, different types of animations are offered to visitors of the park. These animations often have an educational side especially to understand the aquatic environment. Children are often honoured as they represent the priority target of this aquarium, especially during holidays. During these periods, specific activities such as piracy are offered to visitors. Marine animals are always in the spotlight during these different events. The existence of a basin specially dedicated to animals, which it is possible to touch, is also appreciable in this water park. Crabs, starfish or other sea anemones are within reach of the bravest.

Flagship activities

Three activities are particularly popular with visitors to the site. The first is the game path. It lets you learn about the protection of underwater life through 9 interactive kiosks. The latter propose missions in the form of riddles or actions to be done. The second activity is the shark mission. With this fun game, the visitor will be able to understand and have fun with the world of sharks through three large touch screens. The latest fashionable activity of the moment is feeding VIP turtles. It will be to feed the two mascots of the aquarium, Nathan and Tao, for about half an hour. It is important to emphasize that these activities are open to everyone, usually from the age of 8 years. However, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult to enjoy some attractions such as turtle feeding.


The Radisson Blu Hotel is one of these accommodation establishments in Disneyland Paris. It is ideally located just few minutes from the bus park. Moreover, a free public transport system is made available to guests to go to the park every 7 minutes. Moreover, in less than 35 minutes by public transport, guests can reach the center of the French capital, especially the major monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.

A high-quality accommodation facility

The Radisson Blu Hotel is a world-class hotel. The site has nearly 250 rooms and suites with stunning views of the golf course. An incredible and relaxing view that fits perfectly after a hard day at Disneyland Park or after an exhausting tour of the capital.

The various activities offered by the hotel

The first activity that inevitably jumps to the eye is golf. The latter is set on a vast 9-hole course that all guests can enjoy. For those who want to relax, the hotel also has a heated indoor pool. Good food lovers can choose between the Pamplemousse restaurant and the Birdie. Others can enjoy the hotel's two bars as well as its very high-speed Wi-Fi.

For any type of event

The hotel is open for any kind of event, whether it is an individual event or a corporate event. The "meetings and events" service will be happy to welcome in both direction. The Radisson has 27 private meeting rooms and can accommodate meetings or events for up to 300 people. State-of-the-art audio-visual supports remain available to the clientele for the activities it plans to do.


The distance that separates Disneyland from the airport of Beauvais is 1 hour 40. It is therefore advisable to take the Esplanade François Truffaut to leave Chessy. You must enter Coupvray afterwards. You have to reach A4 / E50 (Autoroute de l'Est) for more than 11 km before reaching A104 (La Francilienne). You have to drive more than an hour to enter Tille. All you need to do is drive 400 meters to reach Beauvais airport.