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In 1983, after the great success of the Disneyland parks in the United States (Disneyland Park of California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida) and in Japan (Tokyo Disney Resort); Studies have been carried out to conquer other countries. The thought has naturally turned towards Europe, considering the great affinity of the founder Walt with the continent. Indeed Europe represents for him a great source of inspiration, he had worked in France as an ambulance man during the First World War, and he has kinship ties in Normandy. The choice of the location of the European park is thus divided between Spain and France. After intense discussions and mature reflections, the decision makers finally opted for the Marne-la-Vallée site near Paris in France.

The project was launched in 1987 and the inauguration of its completion took place in 1991. The park has been called EuroDisney Resort and since it has repeatedly changed its name: EuroDisney Resort from 1992 to 1994, Disneyland Paris from 1994 to 2002, Disneyland Resort Paris from 2002 to 2009 and again Disneyland Paris from 2009.


The park currently contains two theme parks including Disneyland Park, an enchanted kingdom designed by Walt Disney Imagineering. And the Walt Disney Studios Park, oriented to cinema and animation, which opened its doors in 2002. Children and adults will find their happiness through the attractions, the shows and the parades that are proposed. There are also shopping centers and restaurants to suit all tastes.

Disneyland Park

Disneyland Park is an enchanted kingdom that stretches over 550,000m2 in area. It is symbolized by the castle of Sleeping Beauty. There are five fantastic Land of which Frontierland the Country of the Wild West, Adventureland the Land of Adventures, Fantasyland the Land of Fairy Tales, Discoveryland, the Land of Tomorrow and Main Street of the Park.

In Adventureland, discover Adventure Isle, Robinson Hut, Pirates Galley, Indiana Jones ™ and Temple of Peril, Aladdin's Enchanted Passage and Pirates Beach. On Frontierland, enjoy the spectacular views of Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor, Pocanhontas Indin Village, Rustler Roundup Shootin 'Gallery and Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing. Stop at Fantasyland and marvel at the beauty of Alice's Curious Labyrinth, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Lancelot's Carroussel, Casey Jr. - The Little Circus Train, the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle, Dumbo The Flying Elephant, the Sleeping Beauty Gallery, and many other amazing amusement parks. On Discoveryland, discover futuristic attractions like Orbitron, Star Tours, Starport and Star Wars. And finally, on Main Street USA contemplate the Liberty Arcade, try the Horse Down Strret Cars and the Disneyland Railroad.

Listed as shows and parades, the park offers various musicals such as the Beauty and the Beast or the Legend of the Lion King. There are also daily parades (the Aladdin parade, the Disney world parade, etc.) and the nocturnal parades (Fantasy in the sky, Disney Fantillusion, etc.).

Walt Disney Studios Park

It is a cinema theme park, which was created ten years after the opening of Disneyland Paris. It now features 18 attractions that include Disney's Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios. In this park, there are the seats of the French Disney chains including Disney Chanel and Disney Cinemagic. There are mainly 4 amusement parks, including the Front Lot at the entrance, the Toon Studio which includes the Toy Story Playland and the Place de Rémy, there is the Production Courtyard to the left of the exit, and finally the Backlot at background.


Disneyland Hotel

This is a 5 stars hotel located at the gateway of the park. With its elegant decor that reflects the Victorian era of railways it offers luxurious surroundings and impeccable service. As the hotel is located at the entrance of the park, you can fully enjoy the magic of Disneyland.

Novotel Marne La Vallee Collegien

Only at 30 minutes from Paris and 10 minutes from Disneyland, Novotel is a 4-stars hotel that offers various activities such as fitness and playgrounds for the whole family. With its spacious and well-maintained rooms, and its friendly staff, the relaxation is at the rendezvous.

Disney's New York Hotel

A 4-stars Manhattan-style hotel, only a few meters from Disneyland Paris, the New York Hotel is situated on the shores of a lake and offers magical moments to its guests. The rooms are decorated in Art Deco style, reflecting Disney and its surroundings. The shuttle to Disneyland is free.

Disney's Cheyenne Hotel

The hotel offers a western-style decor with saloons and cowboys. It offers Texas rooms with decor reflecting the movie Toy Story and its Sheriff Woody.


By car, Disneyland is accessible via the A4 motorway. There are many bus lines including PEP'S (06, 23, 24, 34, 43, 50, 54), Tramy 38, SEME (17,50), Marne and Morin (12,19,57,59,59 E, 62), Procars 13, N130 and N141. The station of Marne la Vallée-Chessy is the terminus of the RER A from the railway stations of Fontenay, Nation, Lyon, Châtelet, Auber, Charles de Gaulle and La Défense. For the HSR, the Marne la Vallée Station is served by various HSR connecting towns and provinces in France. Magical Shuttles connect Disneyland Park to Paris-Charle-de-Gaulle and Orly airports.

Within the park, three railway stations are located to facilitate access to the parks, including two RER stations (Serris-Montévrain - Val d'Europe, Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy) and a HSR station (Marne-La Vallée Chessy HSR).