Transfer Paris (Hotel or home address) - Asterix amusement park

Paris (Hotel or home address) - Asterix Amusement Park

Taking the public transport or a taxi is not the good option to reach Asterix. You can expect to pay loads of money for this second choice and for the first one, the ride takes a lot of time. We recommend you instead  to hire our affordable vehicle car service in Paris.


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It is located between Reaumur street, Bonne-Nouvelle boulevard, Sebastopol boulevard and Sentier street in the 2nd district. It is popular with rue Montorgueil, which Parisians really appreciate thanks to the countless cafes, restaurants and primeurs that it brings together. It is therefore possible to find the essential to live in Paris. If the neighbourhood was a red zone occupied by burglars before, it now becamesa breeding ground for a large number of textile stores. Sentier is also a very old district known by the multiethnic textile manufacturers, it even reached its apogee in textile crafts in 1980.


As soon as one speaks of Sentier, the first idea that comes to the head is the idea of ​​"pret-a-porter" trend in Paris. But many manufacturers of ready to wear have closed and currently the neighbourhood is turning into a more village trend with the appearance of many small restaurants, bars and brasseries which gives it a pleasant ambience. Sentier is known for the multiple films that have been filmed including Thomas Gilou's "La vérité si je mens! 3", Frédéric Balekdjian's "Les mauvais joueurs" or "On the path of devils" by Oriane Descout.


Tourist attractions

As soon as you get to Sentier, it is impossible to circumvent the unique metro mouth that is located in a building just outside the metro. Even the sign that indicates it is impressive since it is still red and blue, which dates from the 1930s. In addition, tourists especially enjoy the visit of the famous theater Montorgueil through the Tavern of the Crescent. On the pilgrimage side, Mozart House, in which Mozart's mother died in 1778 during their stay at this inn. Just take a chauffeur service to make so many historical tours.




It is in the 1st district of the city of light. Its name comes from the old central halls of Paris, better known as the "belly of Paris". It is part of the lively Parisian districts with countless shopping centers such as the famous Les Halles Forum, various restaurants and luxury hotels, bars and many trendy boutiques in Paris. This 2nd administrative district of Paris has undergone several renovations. Some even assert that it has undergone a complete metamorphosis since the 1970s during which the market halls became a place at the Forum des Halles.


Its modernity is mainly evidenced by the renovation of the underground station, the superb building with curves of vegetable inspiration of Forum des Halles. There is also the construction of the Canopy and the new blazing garden with wide rectilinear alleys that can only beautify the neighbourhood. To reach this area, you can choose between various public transport services, including metro stations: M or lines 1, 3, 4, 11 and 14. As for the station, Châtelet-Les Halles is served by the RER, A, B and D.


Tourist attractions

It is in the district of Les Halles that one can find the biggest European urban station called the "Station of Châtelet-Les Halles". Passing through this neighbourhood, tourists can enjoy right in the heart of Les Halles the famous Place Joachim-du-Bellay with the fountain of the Innocents. In addition, this area contains several surprising historical sites and monuments. Among them, the Fountain of the Innocents or fountain of the nymphs dating from the years 1548 under Henry II. The Forum des Halles is a large shopping center that welcomes around 150 000 visitors every day. The church of Saint Eustache in Gothic style is also inescapable. The ideal would be to opt for a car service always on time to be able to enjoy it.




It is to the west of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, bounded to the north by Champ de Mars, to the south by the Military School. This area is famous for its 324m high metal tower. However, it also houses a thousand and one historic sites and monuments that deserve to be taken into account. This building is also the main representative symbol of the city of Paris. Certainly, it is not the oldest Parisian district but it is the most prestigious Paris. Indeed, it attracts the most tourists in Paris. In addition, this district is an integral part of the Faubourg Saint Germain, which hosts several ministries and multiple institutions including the National Assembly.


Tourist attraction

The 7th district is a popular destination for tourists as it has many outstanding monuments, parks and green spaces. First of all, you can not miss the famous Eiffel Tower, which weighs 10,000t with 3 floors of 57m, then 115m and 274m. It is quite possible to attend the exhibitions and conferences that take place frequently on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Eiffel Tower.


You can also taste the various French specialty dishes in the restaurants that are located there. However, it is not only this building that makes this area a seductive tourist attraction. Indeed, the Trocadero with its sloping terraces and gardens decorated with gilded bronzes is reputed to be a unique resort of its kind. There is also the House of Culture of Japan in Paris in which festivals and exhibitions that make known Japanese culture take place. The Park of the Champs de Mars is also impossible to circumvent in this district.


This Asterix park which is the delight of the comic book enthusiasts Asterix le Gaulois, is ​​located 44.7 km from Palais de Tokyo and 47.5 km from Pont des Arts. It should also be noted that this park is 17.4 km from CDG Airport and 56.5 from Orly airport.