Transfer Beauvais Airport - CDG Airport

Beauvais Airport - CDG Airport

We are available when you need us.  Our private vehicle will pick you up at Beauvais Airport and drop down you directly to Charles de Gaulle  airport without any detours along the way


Minivan transfer from Beauvais airport to Charles de Gaulle airport


The airport of Beauvais-Tillé is located in the town of Tillé, 2 kilometers away. Several points of catering, shops, car rental companies and a tourist information point are among the many services offered by the Paris - Beauvais - Tillé airport. Transfer departures are from Porte Maillot, in the 17th arrondissement.

Also known as Paris-Beauvais airport, located in the commune of Tillé (Oise, Hauts-de-France region), it is a French civil airport built from 1930 to 1937. The place is redeveloped by the German army during the Second World War, and then used by the Allied troops once the war ended. A 2 km northeast of Beauvais, a first terminal is opened in November 1979. The second one was opened in December 2010 in order to allow more passengers in.

In 2014, Beauvais was welcoming 4 million passengers, despite the closing of the premises at nightfall. A deregulation of the air sector in April 1997 allowed foreign companies to come to Beauvais. On June 25th 2004, it was Wizz Air's turn to launch its first lines in the direction of Katowice and Budapest.

The Irish company Ryanair settles down by creating three daily flights between Beauvais and Dublin. Today, Beauvais employs over 4,000 people, thanks in particular to the Irish company, which generates 85% of its traffic in 2013. In February 2008, 68 million euros, subsidized to the tune of 14.5 million euros by the Mixed union, will be invested in the modernization of the airport in order to improve both the protection of residents and the reception of travelers in the Beauvais-Tillé airport.

The airport of Beauvais-Tillé hosts aircrafts serving several destinations, mainly in Africa, Asia Minor and Europe. From Bucharest to Marrakech via Oslo, you will have the choice for your vacation spot: United Kingdom, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, a wide range of destinations.


Arriving at Beauvais-Tillé take the time to visit the new Terminal as soon as you get off your flight. Consultants will inform you about visits not to be missed in the region of Beauvais and the town of Tillé. Do not hesitate to discover the Picardy specialties and the most famous gourmet delights before or after having visited one or all of the following spots.

Cathedral of Saint Pierre de Beauvais

This Roman Gothic cathedral was the largest monument in the world during the latter part of the 16th century, with its wooden doors and facades expressing the splendid years of Gothic architecture in Europe.

The departmental museum of Oise

The Oise departmental museum is located just next to the cathedral. A visit to this site is highly recommended, with its architecture erected on the old episcopal palace, formerly occupied by bishops-counts of Beauvais. At present, it is undergoing renovation.

The museum remains vast, despite the ravages of the war of 1938. There are collections of ancient art, the Gaelic warrior discovered at Saint Maur, but also tapestries, and ceramics. In short, the museum has a collection of ancient and medieval arts that have marked the history of the habitat and architectures. The collections of paintings are presented vast period from the Renaissance to the contemporary period, with works by Antoine Caron. The museum also exhibits furniture, in particular Art Nouveau and Art Deco pieces by Serrurier-Bovy, Jourdain or Delaherche for ceramics. This collection is fascinating.

National Gallery of Tapestry

An essential step that the tourists from Beauvais cannot miss is the national gallery of the tapestry, not far from the cathedral of Saint-Pierre of Beauvais. This gallery aims to recall the traditions of tapestries. Located in Gallo-Roman ramparts, there are pieces dating from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, which retrace the history of this art and the productions of the old national factories, a demonstration workshop of the low-bar looms, Collections of furniture from the National Furniture fund.

The gallery wants to have a local base. To this end, local and regional authorities participate in this work. The building itself is worth a visit as it harmoniously integrates into its architecture many archaeological remains linked to its location in a free space between the cathedral and the Gallo-Roman enclosure of the city. There is a recently restored archaeological crypt here. It is absolutely necessary to see those who want to find the glorious past of the city!


City Hotel

Located in the heart of Beauvais, City Inter-Hotel is also two kilometers from Beauvais airport. The 2-star hotel offers 43 comfortable and soundproofed rooms and free Wi-Fi. Rates are starting from 74 €/day.

Hotel Kyriad Beauvais

Located in Beauvais-Sud, at 26 Gay Lussac Street, this hotel is near the train station and the city center and a few kilometers far from the airport. When staying at this hotel, 48 air-conditioned rooms are at your service, with rates starting at 42 €/day.

Hotel Palais Beauvais

It is a popular hotel in Beauvais, at 9 Saint Nicolas Street. In the heart of the city, Palais Hotel is only a few steps from the cathedral and not far from the A16 motorway and Paris airport. It has 15 well decorated rooms that you can rent for 59 euros €/day and above.


The minivan that transfers you from Beauvais airport to Charles de Gaulle airport will take the A16 for 78km and go through the Francilienne, Attainville and Goussainville.