Transfer Villepinte Expo - CDG Airport

VILLEPINTE Exhibition Hall - CDG Airport

With our private vehicle service you can book your ride in advance. All our rates are fixed. For instance, we arrange airports transfers from the famous Villepinte Exposition hall to Charles de Gaulle airport.


Car service Villepinte Expo to Roissy CDG airport


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The luxury concierge is a private service by excellence. The ultimate goal is to satisfy all the customer's wishes in every detail. The only limit is, of course, the law of the country where the personal or professional project sought is to be realized.

Satisfy response to requests, even the most unrealistic

It may be that a lady would like to have in two hours the 5 volumes of the book Game of Thrones at the time the bookstores are already closed and where the books have already been sold. A gentleman wants to fly to Dubai the same day that the planes of the company he wants to travel with are already full. Another client asks for a one-year-old gray-colored pony with a white spot on the tail to offer to his granddaughter. Meeting these exact as well as unrealistic requests seems unrealistic but it is the job of a luxury concierge. Rule number in a private concierge service: never say "I can not". Every day, every customer is a new challenge. Thus, there is no time for routine. It is a job rich in encounters and we learn every day.

The luxury janitor, the king of the resourcefulness

He must be grown, own a network and hold a well-filled address book. He does not hesitate to buy everything to get what his customers want. Indeed, the customers are not just anyone, they are rich businessmen, showbiz stars, renowned politicians, big bosses of the CAC 40, etc. This exceptional butler is able to arrange a wedding, order a salmon egg pizza or book a spot in an opera house. The skills for the private concierge service are learned in upscale training institutions. In this business, interpersonal and managerial skills are required.

Why using a luxury concierge service?

The use of a luxury concierge service is of great importance in order to benefit from a favorable response whatever the customers' request. It also helps to deal with all the details of everyday life that a person who can not fix everything. So, to be successful in an activity, it is important to trust a personal assistant as a luxury concierge.


The driver of CTV or Chauffeur-driven Transport Vehicle or Chauffeur-driven Tourist Car, as the case may be, is a driver who transports individuals during their personal or professional trips.

Some rules governing the CTV driver

The driver can not park here and there to find the customer, he only supports passengers who have made a reservation. The law regulates the trade of vetecist and stipulates in particular that it must park in a parking lot or a garage between two races. It must offer a flat rate and drive a high-end car (more than 120 horses, have 4 to 9 seats, at least 4.5 meters long and 1.70 meters wide, under 6 years and with an interior comfort of standing).

What work does a CTV driver do?

Being a B license holder is not enough to become a CTV driver. It is also necessary to show impeccable behavior. He must be discreet, welcoming, have a clean criminal record, undergo continuous training every five years. He must at least have validated prevention and rescue training, speak at least English, master the routes (know the streets, their names and infrastructure and addresses therein). You also need a business card to do this job.

The driver is in most cases an employee who works on behalf of a company that defines racing and working hours. Those who want to work independently must, among other things, possess the appropriate vehicle and set up a business whose purpose is to operate a registered VTC.

Why using a CTV driver?

Using a CTV driver has a lot of advantages. He is always forced to provide a superior service. Indeed, it strives to meet the expectations of its customers. In addition, this system saves time without having to wait for taxis. Moreover, unlike a taxi driver, that of a CTV is in most cases, polyglot. Thus, all tourists who use a driver of this kind are able to address without difficulty intercomprehension with the driver during the trip.


The VIP lounge of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport is the luxurious lounge of the airport of the same name. It is an alternative that allows you to benefit from exceptional services and to have a very comfortable waiting condition when you arrive or leave Paris.

All about the Roissy CDG VIP lounge

The VIP access holder benefits from a luxury car that takes him to the airport, even on the tarmac. There is also the accompaniment of a driver to the saloon; a service of a vehicle that will take him to his destination if he so wishes. The VIP Lounge is also the priority entrance in the prestigious airport lounge itself. The customer also has the possibility of ordering services such as a quick and private customs control, a hostess or priority access. There are also standard services such as buffet and drinks, unlimited Wi-Fi, TV or print media. The lounge allows you to escape the agitations of airports and even allows you to relax and sleep a little when needed.

The Roissy-CDG VIP lounge is a private area reserved for privileged customers (frequent flyers, business classes and first class) with some admission conditions. Political and religious personalities of great importance are also admitted. It is a service offered in exchange for the possession of a card. Note that each airport has a few lounges that are different in terms of surface, luxury and services offered.

What do you need to know about the card in the VIP lounge in Roissy CDG?

The VIP lounge at Roissy CDG is accessible only for passengers who have an access card on board, by reservation. The access card to this fair is only available to eligible guests traveling in First. More specifically for those who travel in frequent flyers, business class or first class. In addition, admission conditions must be respected to benefit from it. Enjoying this card, it is possible to enjoy various services and equipment: catering, buffet, bar, WiFi connection and many more.


Villepinte Expo is an exhibition center that is well worth a visit. It is 23.4 km from Parc de la Villette and 24.1 km from La Géode. For your transfer to the airport, know that it is less than 6 km from CDG Airport and 37.8 km from Orly Airport.