Transfer Villepinte Expo - CDG Airport

VILLEPINTE Exhibition Hall - CDG Airport

Our Villepinte shuttle
A lack of organization, transportation contingencies may cause possible delays that have their evil consequences to many things. The best prevention is to adopt the prior reservation of a shuttle. We have just one that connects the Charles De Gaulle airport and Villepinte. We will offer three possible transfers: collective shuttle, private car or luxury VIP vehicle where you will have in all cases a car all comfortable, luxurious and equipped with modern amenities at your disposal. The best quality of our services results from the strict criteria that was submitted our whole team in recruiting.

Eurodisney (Park or Hotel close by) - Orly Airport


We do expect that your booking and you will be entitled to our very professional services.

Orly Airport - La Défense


Upon arrival, our staff will collect you at the airport on time.

Railway Station in Paris - Eurodisney (Park or Hotel close by)


We promise that your journey made with us will be the beginning of your wonderful visit to the enchanting park.

CDG Airport - Eurodisney (Park or Hotel close by)


Our competent team will be delighted to wait patiently at the airport

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