Transfer Beauvais Airport - Paris (hotel or home adress)

Beauvais Airport - Paris (Hotel or home address)

If you’ve just stepped off the plane at Beauvais airport, reserve a place in our private vehicle and take your time and relax. We insure your transfer from Beauvais airport to you home address or to your hotel


Transport by collective car from Beauvais Airport to the city of Paris


During Antiquity, Beauvais contained a fortified fortress whose name Caesaromagus is translated to Caesar’s market. Beauvais, the Gallic capital of the Bellovaques, was destroyed in 275. It was rebuilt in 328 and became a center of Roman Christianity, especially during the Middle Age, when the bishopric of Beauvais was simultaneously managing the ecclesiastical and political functions. In the Carolingian period, Beauvais saw its economic activities revolve around the textile industry.

Among the oldest French communes, this increasingly prosperous city gradually acquires rights to promote its industry. Textile is a major financial power for the city. The cloth of Beauvais spread the fame of the city as far as the east. The textile industry here brings to life dyers, finishers, shearers, dressers, etc. A group of 80 families look over the workers who run these activities 24 hours a day. At the dawn of the industrial revolution, Beauvais remained faithful to its textile activities.

The local leaders are mostly drawn from the narrow circle of these traders, constituting a bourgeoisie that will take control of the politics. Workshops are multiplying. The Beaujais artisans work all kinds of wool coming from different corners of the world, especially from London. Corporations are enriched by hierarchical trades. During this period, the king received the workers to put an end to the social quarrels.

These times of nascent flourishing economy developed within a framework of religious omnipresence are conducive to constructions, notably the setting up of churches and cathedrals. Indeed, an artistic life developed and inspired the creation of monuments such as the church dedicated to Saint-Étienne, located near the Grand-Place, was completed around 1220.

At the end of the 18th century, the decline of such an active city began. Its economic activities are undergoing the industrial revolution, leading to a delay in urbanization. Beauvais is served by a railway line only belatedly, compared to the neighboring towns of Lille and Rouen. At the beginning of the 20th century, Beauvais was counting 20,000 inhabitants. Its population has doubled within 50 years.

From one war to the next, this martyr city suffered exceptional prejudice with severe difficulties of supply. During this war, the headquarters of command of the Allied armies is in this city of the Oise, by decision of the Allied troops. There were 8 bombings.


Gerberoy d'Oise

Ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, Gerberoy is located in the Oise, near Beauvais. A village composed of picturesque houses built in the 17th and 18th centuries, strewn with narrow streets and lined with flowers in abundance, Gerberoy is one of the most visited tourist attractions, especially during the flowering season. The number of visitors reaches its peak at the Gerberoy flower festival. Do not miss the beautiful terraced gardens, built on the ruins of the ancient fortress that defended Gerberoy. Even today, the place is a daily stopover for painters who came to inspiration in the picturesque setting of a city in northern France.

Troissereux Castle

Built in the 16th century, the castle of Toissereau is to be discovered with its moat, its park. Your visit will be enhanced by a passage in the arboretum or live wild birds. As an option, this tour includes the discovery of the medieval clock. Visits are free for children under 7 years old.

Beauvais Aquaspace

The Beauvais Aquaspace is located on Antonio de Hojas Street. Complex of last generation, it is recommended for the whole family and children. Among its main attractions, there are two slides and outdoor areas perfectly equipped for relaxation.

Rostropovitch Auditorium

This former church has been converted into a theater. It is located in the François Mitterrand cultural space of Beauvais, street Buzenval. Ask the guides or hotels where you are staying on the auditorium's schedule.


Breteuil de Beauvais

The Breteuil de Beauvais is a two-star hotel, which can be reached in 10 minutes from the A16 junction, about 25 minutes by car from the airport of Beauvais-Tillé. The hotel offers double rooms of 80 euros. The rooms are equipped to ensure you a modern comfort. The decor is well thought out, efficient and the breakfast buffet unlimited. Closed and private parking, this property is open on weekends from 8am.

Hostellerie Saint-Vincent

Three star hotel located at 241 rue de Clermont, it is labeled Logis, 2 minutes from the junction 15 of the A16, it is also located 5 minutes from the airport of Beauvais-Tillé. The establishment comprises two buildings, one of which is newly built, in a very creative way. The rooms are furnished for the comfort of the residents. You will have access to Wi-Fi, television and an equipped bathroom.

Hotel de la Cathedrale

This hotel is rated 3 stars and receives the best reviews from travelers leaving good reviews on the web. It offers modern rooms with comfort. It is just a kilometer from the Beauvais-Tillé airport.


The Beauvais-Tillé airport and the city of Paris are 90km apart. The route will be mainly on the A16. You will have to take the motorway from the airport, continue for 650m and exit Tillé. It will be necessary to join the D1001, then the shuttle can take the D901, then the D931 before joining the A16. Arriving in Paris, you will have to take the N184 and the Francilienne.