Transfer CDG Airport - Zip code 94

CDG Airport - Zip code 94

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Shuttle from CDG Airport to Val de Marne department (94)

Places of interest in the Val-of-Marne department



It was during the first term of Mayor Roland Nungesser in the ‘60s that the municipal museum of Nogent-sur-Marne was created. It is one of the attractions of this touristy town of the Val-de-Marne department (94). Located at 36, Gallieni Avenue, this museum traces the history of the town of Nogent and the villages of the Marne loop through their works of art, their artistic works, photographs, postcards, prints and documents. It presents permanent exhibitions devoted to local history as well as temporary thematic exhibitions twice a year. The Nogent-sur-Marne Museum is located to the east of Paris.

Visiting the museum is an obligatory passage to know the cultural heritage and the historical richness of the Marne. The visit of Nogent-sur-Marne consists in discovering successively: the Marne and its landscapes, the Marne and its works of art, the architecture of the banks of Marnes, the banks of Marne in the belle époque and bathers and sportsmen who practiced their favourite water sports in the river. Note that the water sports on the Marne are still topical. Moreover, Nogent-sur-Marne is a convivial city labelled "tourist community" which attracts visitors thanks to its nautical resorts, its residences feet-in-water and its quiet quarters, far from the hubbub of the life of Paris . Among the permanent exhibitions dedicated to the banks of the Marne, there are also paintings that display the architectures of the villages on the outskirts of Paris.


The museum in figures

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Val-de-Marne or MAC / VAL is a museum devoted to art from the post-war period to the present day. It is located in the city of Vitry-sur-Seine four kilometres from Paris. The museum is a modern 13,000 m² building surrounded by 10,000 m² of public garden. It has a 4,000 m² exhibition hall, a 150-seat cinema, a documentation centre, art workshops, two artists’ residences and a restaurant. The Val-de-Marne Museum of Contemporary Art is the first of its kind in the Paris suburbs. In addition to the 2,200 works kept and permanently displayed, the establishment also offers 3 to 4 temporary exhibitions per year. The museum hosts about 70 000 annual visitors, 70% of whom are inhabitants of the Val-de-Marne department.

What to see in the contemporary museum of Val-de-Marne

In the first place, MAC / VAL is home to a collection of 2,200 works by French artists such as Christian Boltanski, Ange Leccia, Agnes Verda, Claude Closky, Annette Messager, Melik Ohanian, Vladmir Skoda and many more. Visitors can choose between a guided tour and a free tour with audioguide. The visit of this museum is very edifying. It also offers a program for children. Apart from family visits at 4pm every Sunday, children can also benefit from a workshop to learn about the art of contemporary art. These are the artists who run these workshops. Parents are free to accompany their children. Aside from contemporary accomplishments, individual visitors can enjoy so-called multi-sensory visits. Beyond the gaze, this tour invites visitors to use other senses such as touch, smell, etc.


History of the castle

Château Sucy-en-Brie was built in 1662. It was built for Nicolas Lambert after he inherited the fortune of his brother Jean-Baptiste. The latter was none other than the adviser and secretary of King Louis XIII. Since he received an important fortune, he mainly invested in the construction or in the acquisition of beautiful residences. To build the Château Sucy-en-Brie from 1660 to 1662, Nicolas Lambert appealed to François Le Vau. To magnify the building, the architect appealed to local craftsmen. He also solicited famous artists of the XVII century like Romanelli or Van Obstal.

It was a century later that the Lalive family took over the castle. She stayed there for over six decades. Charles Ginoux acquired the castle in 1780. The Ginoux family invested a lot in the village by creating schools. For more than a century, Charles Ginoux to his descendants turned the castle into a bourgeois dwelling and jewel of the village. They integrated a vast winter garden. This garden was however demolished in order to maintain the original style of the castle. The Sucy-en-Brie castle was put up for sale by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. Later it was abandoned and it was even looted. Nevertheless, the castle has recovered its charm of yesteryear because the municipality of Sucy has launched to renovations. Since 2007, it has housed the Maison des Arts et de la Musique.

The Castle's Orangery



From Sucy-en-Brie Castle to CDG Airport, it would be ideal to travel by private car with driver. The journey can take an average of 50 minutes. Take Avenue Georges Pompidou and continue for 110 m, then turn left. Continuing on 290 m, there is the roundabout Avenue du Fort. Again, turn left. A few meters, the car will reach Noiseau. It will take about 2 kilometers to reach the commune of Queue-en-Brie. The driver will turn right and he will leave the town after driving 1.2 km. The car will be in Pontault-Combault. It is after having driven for 23 minutes that one reaches A104 (La Francilienne). It is necessary to continue on 19 km to be able to drive on the National Road N2. By taking exit 5b, continue on the D212. You will have to drive a few minutes before reaching your destination.