Transfer CDG Airport- Epernay

CDG Airport - Epernay

Epernay région is well-known for its Champagne exalted beverage. If you plan to get there soon after your landing at Charles de Gaulle airport, you will be picked up directly at the arrival hall and our chauffeur will drive you with no delay to destination

Private shuttle transportation from Charles de Gaulle airport  to Epernay


The history of the city of Epernay
The town of Epernay is located in the department of Marne and Champagne-Ardenne. It is a tourist destination known in France as the capital of Champagne, known worldwide. The champagne is the main tourist attraction of this city. The town of Epernay has a rich history in events behind it. Its history dates back to the Gallo-Roman whose traces remained indelible to this day. The first written mentions of the town's name dates from the fifth century. But the historical trait that characterizes the history of this city is its link with development and export of wine. Its history is closely linked to that of the wine of the region that has made its reputation worldwide.
Tourism and tours of the city of Epernay
The town of Epernay is full of many attractions that continue to regularly attract tourists every year. The city is also famous for its tourist attractions such as the Notre Dame d'Epernay is a beautiful religious building to discover. Works of art adorn this church giving an aspect of sumptuousness to church. It is for example decorated with stained glass windows of the Renaissance period, two paintings that are classified without forgetting the sculptures of great cultural value. Inside the church, visitors can come and admire the great organ of Cavaillé-Coll. The church of Our Lady of Epernay is a fortress which underwent several restructurings since its construction. Indeed, this religious building suffered serious sequelae following the bombing during the wars that have succeeded.
But the Church of Our Lady is not the only attraction in the city of Epernay because tourists can also visit the Archaeological Museum, and the champagne Museum. The latter was created around 1893 specifically for the wine of the region. The wine museum is supported by the wine capital and houses a collection of over 4000 pieces on the history of Champagne. This champagne museum occasionally holds exhibitions accessible to the public. The Archaeological Museum houses an exhibition of more than 80 000 pieces collected in the region.
Tourists wishing to visit the town of Epernay must have a means of transportation to ensure their movements from one site to another of the city. Indeed, our transportation company offers our customers a transfer means with our comfortable cars. We propose for this purpose three types of cars: collective shuttle, private car and luxury car VIP.

Transfer airports of Paris - city of Epernay
The town of Epernay is located 26km from the city of Reims and 120km from Paris. Between Orly Airport and the city of Epernay, there road 149km, 224km to Beauvais Airport Tillé and 136km starting from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.