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The town of Bayeux is located in the department of Calvados. Two distinct parts characterize this city of Normandy: the lower town with the ancient city and the suburbs, typical of this region and the upper town including the most residential neighborhoods. The town of Bayeux has a rather special charm with its old houses, giving it a picturesque appearance. These are definitely tourist attractions of the city.

In the fourth century, the town of Bayeux still bore the name of Augustodurum, a name of Roman origin. It later became the capital cities of Baiocasses and Viducasses. It was then called CivitasBaiocassium. These original Roman names tell the story of the Roman occupation of the city at that time. Besides, we still see today some remains of the Roman wall, witnesses of that time. From the fifth century, an Anglo-Saxon community settled there. This community remained independent until the reign of King Clovis. Counts of the region remained independent and governed as master of the city until the time of the Viking invasions. These successive occupations of the city have left vestiges that still exist today.

In 890, the city was stormed by Rolon became Duke of Normandy. Subsequently, Rolon gave the city Bothon whom is attributed its reconstruction. From that time, the town of Bayeux has become one of the dukes of Normandy residences continued to build other buildings and thus expand the city. One of these buildings was built around the year 960. In the north of the city, a castle dating from this period was not destroyed in the eighteenth century. In 1046, much of the city was prey to serious fires. In 1106, Henry I had sacked, looted and burned again.

The town of Bayeux suffered other disasters in its history. She suffered much in the Hundred Years War. In 1346, King Edward III's army attacked and burned. The army of the brother of the King of Navarre, Charles the Bad, the burned again in 1356. Twice, then, in ten years, the city of Bayeux suffered these fires but was constantly rebuilt, including the King of France. But she fell back again in 1414 in the hands of the English. Religious wars the bloodied after wars against the British, against the Calvinists in 1589 and against the Leaguers in 1590. Following the uprising Go barefoot, the city was sacked by the royal troops.

In 1944, the town of Bayeux was the first town in Normandy to be released during the Allied landings in Normandy.

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The city of Bayeux is 283km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, 278km from Orly Airport and 241km from Beauvais Tille Airport.

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