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Shuttle to Omaha Beach Colleville-sur-mer, the largest American cemetery in France 

In memory of the victims France  landing of U.S. troops on the beach of Colleville-sur-mer, 6 June 1944, there are exactly 9,387 tombstones with white crosses that are embedded on Omaha Beach. This cliff Normandy is of great beauty, with its well-maintained lawns, despite its image instead of the battlefield that is the largest and best known of all the cemeteries in the second world war.
In honor of all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country against the German fighters led by Hitler. Thousands of fellow Americans are still honor them every year, there are also the colors ceremony that takes place every day at 6:30, decorated with flags and followed by military hymn which visitors may attend and where we can still feel the emotional memory, loss of brave fighters.
In addition, this memorable place has now become a tourist attraction, because, apart from the memories of landing, it also features the Memorial Museum of Omaha Beach, which is located in Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, where photos are stored and documents relating to the conduct of the war, the remains found after materials, such as uniforms, weapons and vehicles.
Thus, the Braves Statue sculpted steel symbol of the bravery of the young fighters. Garden walls in a semi-circle, inscribed with the names of those have not been found or could not be identified. And bottom of the cemetery, the chapel round. To conclude, also known as Bloody Omaha Beach Omaha deserves to be visited. This cemetery 698m ² is only 3 hours from Paris, open all year including holidays


The cemetery of Colleville the Great War II
As the first American military cemetery of the Second World War, the cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer was inaugurated in 1956, is located above the beach landing at Omaha Beach in Calvador. It was to honor the soldiers who died during or after the fight. There are exactly 9,383 soldiers and 4 civilians were buried with 307 strangers. This has replaced the cemetery of Saint Laurent in 1944.
With 70 hectares of land, to believe in the immaculate white of marble inlaid and are oriented to the west, with a well calculated and arranged in a way that in each corner, there is a row of crosses. At the bottom is a memorial in the shape of a semicircle where the status of bronze with a height of 7m representing "the spirit of American youth" is right in the middle. Behind the garden where the names of the dead warriors of 1557 are engraved not found. Then, with the investment of the United States on June 6, 2007, a visitor center is open in the room, a soundtrack constantly cites the names of the brave soldiers who died during the American landing on the cliff of Colleville-sur-mer and those found at the end of the battle.
To save the newspapers announced the landing in Normandy June 6, 1944, a time capsule was buried in the lawn cemetery containing these documents memorable. Covered with pink granite on which is written "to be opened june 6.2044"
This historic site is very symbolic for American presidents who succeeded since Jimmy Carter are made ​​for birthdays or just a simple visit of homage. Thus it became a source of inspiration for all and especially for filmmakers.