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Itineraries in the city of Cergy Pontoise
Cergy Pontoise is a commune known as agglomeration of France located in the Val d'Oise. The name of the destination from the merger of two communes in particular Cergy and Pontoise. This town is very popular with tourists due to different historical sites that compose it, but still, tourist places to visit. The tourist route in the city allows to explore every corner of the country.
History of Cergy Pontoise
To confront the rapid development of the city of Paris, several new towns around Paris were controlled and balanced in 1960. This is the case of Cergy Pontoise. This city has a new feature unusual. Indeed, some parts of the city of Cergy-Pontoise Cergy-like advance of the high streets unusual names. These names were selected by the college of the city, namely the street pastor of stars, the passage of yesteryear and Snow Avenue Centauri.
Tourism and visits to Cergy-Pontoise
Tourism plays a significant as so many other areas in the city of Cergy-Pontoise. Therefore, tourists come here throughout the year to discover and learn about the city and its landmarks. Whether for tours or open houses, visitors will be impressed by the beauty of this new town combining Cergy Pontoise and. A multitude of sights to see and are in the city.
Church of St. Christopher
The Church of Saint-Christophe is a remarkable building existing in the city of Cergy-Pontoise. This religious monument has been a classification as historical monuments in 1913. This church is characterized by the conventual house, the barn, the protective enclosure with towers and fortified porches. This fortress was founded in 1120 by the Abbey of Saint-Denis. Over the centuries, alterations were made to the church to show its original state.
The Château de Grouchy
This vast castle was founded in the eighteenth century. Its current name comes from the owner today. This beautiful castle receives municipal services and space William Thornley who is a painter postimpressionist. More than 200 works are included in this building. The landscaped grounds of the Château de Grouchy can also take a walk in the middle of a lush garden and quiet. This chateau was listed under monuments.
Castle Boisemont
Castle Boisemont Cergy-Pontoise is the replacement of an old fortified castle has disappeared. It is a mansion with a facade of brick and stone dating from the nineteenth century. This impressive castle stands in the middle of a park and majestic tree. Within a framework of quality, tranquility reigns and offers visitors for tours or guided tours.
Many other monuments and tourist spot are to be seen in the city of Cergy-Pontoise, including: Cathédrale Saint-Maclou, Abbey Maubuisson, basements and underground Pontoise, Cergy Wood and Wood Valley .
Transfer from the town of Cergy-Pontoise to Paris airports
The city of Cergy-Pontoise is located 52 km from Orly airport is to say about 45 minutes, about 70 km from Paris Beauvais airport 50 minutes by road and 43.9 km from Charles de Gaulle to travel about 33 minutes.


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