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A natural harbor created by the spill of three rivers: Eaulne, Bethune and Varenne forming a large vase between two hills up to the square of the town of Arques-la-Bataille that day (near Dieppe) served as a point attachment to boats of the Normans, fishermen and pirates in the first place.

Fisheries already found there in the basin in the middle of the eleventh century but also salt around and that will be used much longer. The Normans hungry this place offered by nature built a port, which later will be the largest of Normandy and a means of communication with England (with William the Conqueror in 1066, the relationship between Normandy and England will end in 1204). A pebble band was then formed replacing the edge and preventing access to the valley, which one side is washed by the sea, and the other by swamps. It is here that the Normans leaders began to build and train the first Dieppoise agglomeration.

Since the Middle Ages, the wealth of Dieppe is based on the herring fishery. In 1300, Paris became the Dieppe provider of fresh fish; the delivery was made by cars, this activity (supply and delivery of fish) is called "lugger".

In 1364, the Dieppe seamen sailing around the world, stopped in many countries where governing colonies. Counters Petit Dieppe and Paris were thus formed bringing countless stories.

Fishing is specially protected by the monarchy because of its very high commercial rate.

A very large infrastructure of general interest is well developed. The number of commercial vessels increases and shipments are becoming more frequent.

The religious wars that dampen economic momentum.

The pebble harbor was destroyed by a storm in 1672 and it was Colbert who studied its renovation by moving to Dieppe. Unfortunately, the "mail bombing" of 1694 by the Anglo-Dutch vessels has completely destroyed the port.

An expansion and renovation study is developed by Vauban and Trudaine continued in 1776.

New vases were born in the early nineteenth century. In 1880, the Freycinet plan offers the city a new port facility, original modern facilities coming. In 1843, creation of the railway line linking Paris to Rouen and many years after that of Rouen, Dieppe are new strengths.

Shuttle Paris airports in Dieppe

Beauvais Airport is the closest to Dieppe because it is 111 km and the journey takes 2 hours. The airports of Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports are 208 km and 182 km from the town of Dieppe.

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