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History of Chantilly

Heap of stories shaping the city of Chantilly, among which that of the famous castle of Chantilly. In the eighteenth century, this town has experienced a progressive evolution and a century later it was the turn of equestrianism which marks the city through the racecourse and the layout of the station.
The first inhabitants of Chantilly back in the tenth century and it is only three centuries later that the Senlis Bouteillers decided to build the great buildings of the city that nowadays there are more. In the fourteenth century, the reconstruction of a castle was recommended by family Orgemont.
In the vicinity of the fortress are small settlements such as hamlets Eagles des Fontaines, Normandy and Quinquempoix. These now form the city that is the closest to Gouvieux.
Three families highly regarded by their military exploits or their proximity vis-à-vis the king namely Montmorency, Conde and Orleans have succeeded in the Château de Chantilly between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries.

One of the greatest characters of the sixteenth century, Anne de Montmorency recommended the redesign of the fortress into a true Renaissance palace in the year 1560. She also build a small islet and another building under the name of "The Harbour Master "or" Little Castle "we can still distinguish today. Chantilly Castle is now a popular place to hunt for sovereigns and the kings of France. The occupation of the site back to Louis III around 1632 and it was not until the seventeenth century that the castle went to the Condé family.

Indeed, the site was returned to the Princess of Conde, sister of Henry II of Montmorency and also mother of the "Grand Condé" by Anne of Austria in 1643. The "Grand Condé" appealed to the gardener Le Nôtre adorn the castle grounds of a large canal, Pavilion of Manse, flower beds, fountains, etc. He still has not put in the hotel establishments located near the castle for the workers working on the site can be accommodated. For the latter, the son of the Grand Condé has built the first parish of Chantilly, Our Lady of the Assumption that is their religion and this is where the city began to exist.

Apart from the Condé family, the Duke of Aumale has also impregnated the city of Chantilly by supporting the evolution of this small French town, always to the nineteenth century. However, by the twentieth century, Chantilly was arranged by General Joffre that installs her neighborhood in 1914 at the Hotel du Grand Conde. With the airfield of the Eagles and the institution of the German and allied commands, Chantilly has become a victim of the Second World War. In 1960, construction of Verdun neighborhoods and those of the Rooster Singing was established for one goal: acquire new residents even more numerous.

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Choose Charles de Gaulle airport if you would like to visit Chantilly upon arrival because it is the closest airport (27 km in 29 minutes). Orly Airport is 63 km and Beauvais at 55 km.

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