Transfer Orly airport - Tours

Orly Airport - Tours


Transport by minivan between Orly airport and the city of Tours

Overview of the city of Tours
Capital of Touraine, Tours is a very attractive city, bright with its streets, flower gardens, its tourist heritage .... In the chateaux of the Loire, Tours is the traditional center Tour

The largest city in the Centre Region, Tours has 137 046 inhabitants and 280,000 for the whole agglomeration. It is connected to Paris by TGV, 55 minutes and a motorway network which connects with other major French cities and an international airport.
Tours is famous for its cultural and intellectual activities with universities such as the Université François Rabelais who has 9 faculties or the University Institute of Technology. There is also a school of computer engineers and two Graduate Studies Centers: Planning and Renaissance. Tours is also business schools, sales, management, engineering or production engineering in railway engineering and the preparation of schools for paramedical or the Regional School of Fine Arts.
Tours is also a very dynamic city economically with its 5,300 shops, 3,500 service firms and craft enterprises in 1560.
The industrial sector is electronics, micromechanics pharmaceutical and chemical industries, plastics .... The city attracts large companies like Michelin, STMicroelectronics, SKF ...

Tours: City of Art and History
Previously, Hill called Caesarodunum or Caesar Tours is a former Gallo-Roman city, free and prosperous.
Bishop Martin of Tours (316-397) developed monasticism in Gaul. This bishop was a legionnaire in the Roman army his apostolate. According to tradition, having shared his cloak with a beggar at the gates of Amiens, he saw in a dream Christ clothed in half his cloak and decided to be baptized. He built the first monastery in Gaul at Liguge (Poitou) and became famous for his faith and charity from the little people. He later built other churches and chapels in Touraine and the monastery in Marmoutier, on the other bank of the Loire. In the year 372, Tours inhabitants begged him to become their bishop
In the 5th century, a basilica was built over the tomb of Saint Martin.
In the 15th and 16èmesiècle, Tours became the capital of the kingdom of France. In the 18th century were initiated major urban works in the city.
In the 19th century, the National Street was laid out, and the buildings began: theater, Town Hall, Palace of Justice, Facade of the station ...

Walking in the  town
You can visit Pedestrian tours, bike or train, with a guide Easter to September. The atmosphere is bright with flower gardens.

It is the architect Victor Laloux Touraine we owe the construction of the Tours train station, the Town Hall and the Basilica of St. Martin (1886-1924). And the plans of the Gare d'Orsay in Paris (Museum of Arts of the 19th century). The crypt of the Basilica houses the tomb of St. Martin, which attracts many pilgrims, especially on 11 November.

Transfer from Paris  airports and Tours
Orly airport is 230 km from the city of Tours. It is the closest airport and reachable in 2 hours 20. Charles de Gaulle airport is 262 km and Beauvais Airport is 323 km. To reach these two airports, respectively should allow 2 hours 50 minutes and 3 hours 34 minutes.

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