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CDG Airport - Amiens

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Shuttle transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Amiens city
Amiens and its history
Originally Samarobriva, the capital of Amiens is mentioned in the Commentaries on the Gallic War Caesar. Around the year 40 the place has become an agglomeration that monitors the passage on the alley floor Agrippa who joined Lyon in Boulogne. In June 68, when Nero, the last Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty died, Samarobriva becomes a center of distribution and equipment behind the Roman Britannia. At this very moment, legionnaires and merchants arrived in large numbers in the city. Besides the arrival of these, we also see improved Christianity. In the fourth century, the martyrdom of Saint Fermin became the first bishop of Amiens and also the charity of St. Martin by tradition. However, being ravaged by fire and ransacked many times by the Normans between the year 859 and 925, the former castrum becomes a subject of dispute between the men at arms of Flemish princes and Robertians for a hundred years. One sees appear the economy after the year one thousand by the construction of the mills being built on water arm of the Somme and along the way Water, the place of loading of heavy charged boats wheat. In 1113, a strong solidarity is created between the population to face the Count Enguerrand of Boves, that with the help and support of their bishop, St. Geoffroy and by King Louis VI. Thus, one sees the formation of the joint.
It was not until the thirteenth century that the small town finds its greatest extent. Examples include the construction of the cathedral and its affiliation with the Hansa of the seventeen cities giving it a great advantage on trade and on developing its river traffic. Another development also, the manufacture of linen and dry cleaning in Saint-Leu, trading grain and wine with Flanders and Paris. Indeed, trade in woad is a cruciferous plant Amiens original tool used for dyeing, remains a major activity in this city. Moreover, with its leaves that give a pastel blue people, woad is a very rare species sought for dyeing fabrics. Flanders, England and Germany are the countries most interested in this plant.
In 1471, the city of Amiens recovered the monarchy after thirty-five years of activity in Burgundy. Being evicted by Louis XI for being on the side of Charles the Bold, craftsmen come to live in the city. However, this does not seem to last as misfortunes are numerous: after 1560, famines, pestilence, political crises, social and religious attacked the small town.
To restore calm and security in the city, the Peace of Amiens between France, England, Holland and Spain is signed at City Hall March 25, 1802 but it was in vain because the hostile resurfaced a year after the signature.
By the nineteenth century, with its velvet upholstery, the Amiens plant became world famous. Cotton found increasingly vis-à-vis the value of wool. Finally, the steam engine and makes surface by the appearance of brick chimneys.
1870, the year in which the city finds its evolution after being paralyzed during hostile between France and Germany. Indeed, there are various occupations namely clothing and footwear, food industry and the related heavy industry. One of the factors of development also the arrival of the train: North Station, was baptized in 1847 while that of Saint-Roch in 1875.
Violently affected by the two world wars, the city of Samarobriva experienced real damage whatsoever at population or village. For example there are 8,000 affected habitats and 1500 destroyed following the German bombing. Other than these, the artillery of the month of May 1940 ravaging the city center but miraculously the cathedral. Since the city is located near the coast, the British easily reached its air punch of the operation on the Jericho prison on 18 February 1944. In addition, the railways were cannonaded again during the Liberation. In addition to habitat destruction, there are also 6,305 buildings destroyed with debris spread on 140 ha of downtown. After the war, the city of Amiens was restored after the plans of architect Dufau.

Distance between Amiens and Paris airports
Beauvais Airport is 62 km from the city of Amiens and the trip can be done in 45 minutes. 130 km from the city of Amiens is Charles de Gaulle airport and the journey takes 1 hour 30 minutes. Orly Airport is the farthest from the city of Amiens, because there should be a 2 hour drive to travel the 153 km separating them.