Transfer CDG Airport - Rouen

CDG Airport - Rouen

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Shuttle transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Rouen City 
Presentation of the city of Rouen
The city of Rouen is located in the northwest of the Hexagon, it is crossed by the great Seine River. It is the capital of the Haute-Normandie region. "The Golden City chiming in the air ..." says Victor Hugo. These towers were victims of the artillery in June 1940 and between May and June 1944, during said "red week". They are called the inhabitants of Rouen Rouen.

According to a census of January 1, 2011, Rouen's population is estimated in 111 553 while that of the metropolis Rouen Normandie is ranked 6th in the Hexagon account 486 519. Its urban area ranked first and 12th of Normandy France with its 655,013 residents. In addition, it is arranged second basin of Paris and Rouen with its first 824,762 occupants.

By road, the regional capital Rouen is closest to Paris. It belongs to the cities decorated with the Legion of Honour.

Unlike the current situation, Rouen is built on the right bank of the great river Seine initially. Les Hauts de Rouen is dominated by valleys and tea, same situation a partial town of the town.

The 179 ha of the area of ​​Rouen are covered by the general Seine River. It contains 306 acres of green landscape, 210 km of which 16 km are roads reserved only for cyclists and pedestrians 8 km.

For the import of citrus and tropical fruits, the port of Rouen plays an important role and is one of the main ports of France. In the second half of the nineteenth century, one sees in Rouen import of wine production in Algeria. Once renovated, the port is ranked first on the grain export to Europe and it is also the first of the Hexagon cereal port. Furthermore, it also sees a container terminal.

Similarly to ancient maritime activities with North Africa, some arteries and avenues are named after major shipowners have permeated the history of the port of the city. The influence of the port spreads in the central city early 1960. As a result, the boats came to Jeanne-d'Arc bridge.

Being located near the city hall, the abbey Saint-Ouen is the limit of Route abbeys of the Seine valley.

Distance between Rouen and Paris airports
Beauvais Airport is the closest to the city of Rouen. Indeed, the 84 km between them may be traversed in 1 hour 41 minutes. The airports of Orly and Charles de Gaulle are respectively 146 km and 153 km, travel time is 1 hour 44 minutes and 1 hour 53 minutes.