Transfer CDG Airport - Reims

CDG Airport - Reims

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Shuttle transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Reims City

History of the city of Reims
The city of Reims is located in Marne in the Champagne Ardenne. The history of human occupation of the city of Reims date of the Neolithic era. This dating is based on the discovery in the area of ​​fields of urns of the Bronze Age. The city of Reims has seen several wars that have left indelible marks. Indeed, during the Hundred Years War, the city of Reims was severely damaged. It was also affected during the war waged against Spain. She has not been spared the ravages of the First World War.
The city of Reims is home to many tourist sites
It is a real tourist destination with its various tourist and historical sites. There has for example the Reims Cathedral is a building of exceptional class throughout the region. Many tourists come to visit throughout the year, especially to see the Cathedral towers. This building was built in the thirteenth century and is one of the architectural achievements of Gothic art the most prominent in France. This cathedral has more than 2,000 statues in it giving it the status of great historical and cultural monument. Besides, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims is included among the sites of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1991.
Like the Cathedral of Our Lady of Reims, the Museum of Fine Arts is a unique site that you should not miss visiting the city of Rheims. It was founded in 1794 and currently houses collections of paintings from the Flemish, Dutch and French. Sculptures and rare and of great cultural value drawings are also exhibited in this museum to the delight of visitors.
The attractions of the city of Reims is not only limited to these two monuments for tourists can also visit the Palace of Tau, the Basilica Saint-Rémi, the church Saint-Jacques de Reims and the Basilica Sainte-Clotilde. There are other interesting museums to visit in Reims as Vergeur Museum, the Saint-Rémi Museum and the Automobile Museum.
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Paris airport transfer - Reims

The city of Reims is located 131 km from the city of Paris and 143 km from Amiens. For the airports of Paris, Reims is 150 Orly, 157 km from the Beauvais-Tille and 136 km from Roissy Airport, CDG.