Transfer CDG Airport - Orléans

CDG Airport - Orléans

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 Shuttle transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Orléans City
Orleans: City of Art and History
The city of Orleans into a broader set of national network. Today it consists of 149 certified.
In recent years, advancing its portfolio of projects is part of the Town Hall. This contract is fulfilled after the label Cities and Countries of Art and History in May 2009 granted to the city by the Ministry of Culture.
Visits, conferences, events, establishment of an educational service, realization of heritage leaflets are part of the shares of awareness of architecture and heritage department of the city of art and history. Indeed, throughout the year, the shares will be offered by the educational service to all students, from kindergarten to university for the study of some subjects in the program and thatthe opportunity to pursue research on a own theme, following actions clasping visits and workshops.
History of Orleans
Since ancient times, the history of the city of Orleans is attached to France.
Before winning Lutetia in Paris, one must go through Cenabum which is a strategic place naturally drawn north of the loop of the Loire. On the river, the Romans built the port for grain transportation. Indeed, the reconstruction of fortresses by the people under the authority of the Emperor Aurelian in the second century renames the city of Orleans. However, it was barbaric victim after the collapse of the Roman Empire and also to the hostile between the Visigoths and the Frankish king Childeric I and the Romans in 463. Moreover, the conquest of the region by Franks does not end in 486 under Clovis authority. Aurelianum the kingdom was established after her death. Then Charles Martel attached to that his monarchy of Orleans. After Charles the Bald appointed Orleans as the capital of western France where he got elected king in 842, Orleans is now entering the world of royalty. On December 25, 987 with the blessing of Hugh Capet in Orleans, the time of the Capetian is finally born. The city of Orleans also its value through the university building which specializes in Roman law, and also well known throughout the European continent. It is built January 27, 1306 by Pope Clement V.
To say that the turning point in the history of Orleans and of France is a tautology. During the Hundred Years War, the British were defeated and the city of Orleans was released May 8, 1429 by Joan of Arc, a legendary character who is still honored every year during the holidays Johannine. At the end of the war, Louis XI managed to restore peace and prosperity to the city by developing its agriculture.
During the Renaissance period with the visit of rich lords, John Calvin and the King, the city fully involved in the history of France. Indeed, Francis II died in 1560 in a room of the hotel Groslot. The cathedral was rebuilt several times, found his final figure by Henry IV. This fortress was one of the Hexagon more beautiful because it was built over a century during the late Renaissance and the one chosen by Louis XIV. During the time of the Sun King, the Duchy of Orleans becomes the largest of the Hexagon, which deploys and Arpajon to Blois.

Distance between Paris airports and the city of Orléans

You can get to Orly airport which is 82 km in one hour. The Charles de Gaulle airport is 115 km and it can be reached in 1 hour 30 minutes. The Beauvais airport being the éloihné the city of Orléans as it is 167 km, reachable in 2 hours 14 minutes.