Transfer CDG Airport - Chartres

CDG Airport - Chartres

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Shuttle transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Chartres City


History of the city of Chartres
Chartres is one of the defining cities in the history of France. Since the Neolithic era, its population was formed with the passage of important men like Henry IV, Jean Moulin and others who participated in the history of France. Currently, in the heart of incessant evolution, in just ten years, another story was born again marking this city: it has become the center of light and perfume.
At what point Chartres becomes Autricum
During the Paleolithic period already, Chartres has been populated by a Gallic tribe: the Carnutes. They are mostly installed at the intersection of the Eure and the Couesnon where it is narrowest on a limestone outcrop and where nature itself can protect them from attack. It is from this tribe that inherit its name Romanized Autricum. At the end of the 4th century a bishopric elected its headquarters which has made the city even more famous.
Where there is religion, politics and the military dominate
Christianity, wars and Norman occupancy (858 and 911) scored the first part of the millennium. The Normans destroyed the city and the Cathedral but they are reborn in 876 because of the relic "The Veil of the Virgin" offered by Charles the Bald. Having tree plant on its periphery, Chartres is very rich in cereals; it also quickly becomes an important medium for the religion, politics and the military.

Antiquity and modernity
At the end of the first millennium with the bishop Fulbert, Chartres house all kinds of intellectual and spiritual studies that gradually invade Europe from the Middle Ages to reach its end point in the 12th century. The constant increase in residents expanded the city into the valley. New walls including some marks of the past are reflected there, are built and open on many suburbs with the twelve gates of the city including Châtelet, Saint John, Drouaise, Guillaume, Morard, Saint-Michel and Epars which are among the most interesting. The ancient city then draws its strength on its economic activities. Chartres is divided into two parts with a distinct separation of thirty meters: the upper town distinguished by the castle and cathedral, and the lower town distinguished above all its activities related to the river: tanneries, corroieries, tanneries, mills ... In 1328, royalty replaces the domination of the powerful Counts of Blois and Champagne in the Country of Chartres.
It was in this city that sat the various wars like the war of hundred years marked by the signing of the Treaty of Brétigny in 1360; the Wars of Religion. Henry III it is refuge and attacked by Henri de Navarre becomes Henri IV later. In 1584, by way of repentance, that is the Cathedral, it is sacred King of France.

Distance between Paris airports and the city of Chartres
In just one hour, we can get to Orly airport which is 82 km away. The Roissiy airport is 115 km and can be reached by car in 1 hour 30 minutes. Beauvais Airport is 167 km for a 2-hour 14 minutes.