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Orly Airport - Lille

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History of Lille
The story says that the city of Lille was founded in 640 following the success of Lydéric against the wicked tyrant Phinaert. We still see the two giants today in all the festivities Lille. But she has been recognized in 1066. Its name derived from the "insula" Latin (island) is given in the eleventh century during its creation, leaving Lille swamp and bordered by the Deûle with many passages in the city.
Lille is the favorite city of the Counts of Flanders and is very appreciated by the Kings of France. Such Ypres and Bruges, his fame for sheets, earning it the title of city "draping" developing its wealth through its known everywhere whose fair organizer is Jeanne of Constantinople, Countess of Flanders and protector of the city. During this time the merchants dominate. In the fourteenth century, was called the City "Bourguignonne" in the time of Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy, King of France stronger. He transformed Lille an administrative and financial place. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries it is still Habsburg before being under the wing of the Spanish Netherlands. This period will sign the Golden Age of the ancient city. During the 1667 war of devolution, it was Louis XIV who ruled Lille linking his kingdom forever. The Citadel built by Vauban testifies.
Following the Revolution, the city was destroyed undergoing extensive damage. A large and important revolution made by the people against the Austrian invasion will mark the evolution of Lille in 1792.
In the nineteenth century, Lille is among the major industrial capital by rallying with five municipalities. In the twentieth century, she meets big problems due to the collapse of the textile industry. That's when the city looks towards the tertiary (banks, administrations, universities). It uses its business and bet on Europe.
Euralille marks the end of the old Lille's history. A new era begins for Lille with the new part of the town which has its North European TGV station built in 1994 and named.
From what they said, Lille was built by the hero of Lydéric Buc.
Lydéric is the son of Salvaert prince of Dijon, 620 which is returned Burgundy following a revolution. Salvaert en route to England with his wife Ermengaert mother Lydéric, crossing the Bois de sad Without Mercy in the country Buc -This forest is named so because of the crimes committed by the lord of the place, the evil giant Phinaert, Master of Deûle- Marsh died following the attack Phinaert. Ermengaert managed to escape and hid in the woods. She then had a vision of the Virgin foretelling the coming of a son who will do justice for the death of his father and ascend to the throne. Lydéric was born before his mother was captured by Phinaert. A hermit took care of him with the doe's milk, the latter gave it its name.
After entering the service of the King of England at the age of 18, Lydéric returned to the continent in 640 and demanded justice from the King Dagobert granting him a legal duel with Phinaert Thins Bridge. He obtained victory and mother regained freedom.
Phinaert of the goods are delivered to Lydéric agreement with the King of France. He was appointed first Flemish prince. Lydéric was a good leader, people feeling safe with him, many have settled around the castle. Lille was born ...
To date, Lydéric and Phinaert form of 2 giant, still among the processional events in Lille. Aside from the fact of their continuous exposure in the boardroom, there are also their figure on the Tower of city hall.

Transfer between Paris airports and the city of Lille
Roissy and Beauvais are closest to the city of Lille. A 198 km and 195 km, the trip takes 2 hours on average. As to Orly airport, it is 234 km from the city of Lille.