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Orly Airport - Reims

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Private shuttle transportation  between Orly Airport and the city of Reims

History of Reims
The name was derived from Reims Remi name left by the Gallic people to this ancient capital. Reims is commonly called "city of coronations" because it was the place where most of the kings of France were crowned for over ten centuries. The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the prestigious figures of Gothic art in France and earned him the title of World Heritage of UNESCO since 1991.

Its location midway between Paris and the Rhine has exposed the city of Reims in a fight at the front during the First World War, which resulted in considerable loss and destruction. However, the city was able to recover and regain its status of currently attractive and livable city. It is bordered by the Vesle, a river whose maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity and provide a rich and diverse ecosystem. His name was also attached to champagne, world famous drink whose name was after Champagne, its area of ​​origin.

In the Middle Ages, the champagne dynasty opted for Provins or Troyes. During the Revolution, members of the Constituent Assembly still ignored the city of coronations in favor of Chalons-en-Champagne, who was named prefecture of the Marne.

While Champagne and the department of Marne are lots of choice of this sublime sparkling wine that is the champagne, its trading center is not in Reims but a few kilometers south, in this case in Epernay .

In 80 BC, the Remi built a fortress called Durocorter at the site of the current city. They allied themselves then to Julius Caesar to initiate the conquest of Gaul.

The city was renamed Durocortorum by the Romans who built magnificent architectural structures typical to them.

The Mars door, located at the western entrance of the city is the only one preserved. Its name derives from its proximity to a temple dedicated to Mars which is none other than the Roman god of war. Built in the second century, it is spread over a length of 33 meters making it the longest and largest arc of France. It is decorated with a sumptuous decor like the Romans and has three large arches.

Moreover, archaeologists now continue to retrace the old forum and cryptoporticus located in front of the museum The Vergeur.

Like other ancient cities of Gaul, Reims changed its name under the Roman Empire. Therefore, he took that of the old Gallic people.

The city had become a Christian. However, she was again tortured by the Vandals in 407, which crossed the Rhine with other Germans. Bishop Nicaise was then murdered by barbarians on the plaza of the Cathedral. Fifty years later, it was the turn of Attila and the Huns invaded Gaul. On the pretext of wanting to recover her dowry as the sister of the Emperor Valentinian III offered her marriage, Attila and his band have therefore looted and burned the town, which has once again suffered another's law.

Transfer between Reims and Paris airports

The city of Reims is located at 138 km from Roissy airport, a journey of 1 hour 35 minutes. Orly airport is 149 km from the city of Reims and there should be 1 hour 38 minutes journey. As for the airport of Beauvais, it is 158 km from the city of Reims, for a journey of 2 hours 30 minutes.