Transfer Orly Airport - Orléans

Orly Airport - Orléans

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Shuttle transfer from Orly Airport to Orléans City


Focus on the town of Orleans
The Orleans area is less than 2 hours from Paris. UNESCO on the list of World Heritage sites of Humanity the Loire valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes-sur-Loire through Orleans. Visitors are spoiled for choice between a green weekend, following the Loire, culture or the theme of history ...
The past of the city of Orleans is as prestigious as that of Paris or Tours.It is the capital of a kingdom of the Merovingian era and that of Robertians and first kings of France Capetians.
Navigation on the Loire was his reputation that was tarnished by the development of the railway and automotive in the twentieth century.
Facade of the Cathedral Sainte Croix d'Orléans Joan of Arc
The history of Orleans is closely linked to Joan of Arc who liberated the city from the English siege in May 1429.
It was the first step in the reconquest of France by King Charles VII. It is still celebrated with a big party in May every year.

Visit Orleans history, museums and excursions

Holy Cross Cathedral - Orléans - France
Located on the banks of the Loire, Orléans or "city of art and history" is a witness to the history of France.

Orleans, historical city
Joan of Arc freed Orleans Englishmen on 7 and 8 May 1429. Subsequently, Charles VII was crowned king in Reims. La Maison de Jeanne d'Arc (3, place de Gaulle) is a "reproduction" of the building which had housed Joan of Arc. In the hall on the ground floor, a film about the life and history of Joan of Arc is projected. A timeline indicates benchmarks in time.

Just in front, stands the imposing Holy Cross Cathedral, built under Henri IV on the ruins of ancient cathedrals recovering medieval chapels. In tribute to Louis XIV, the sun was added to the rosettes of the transept with its motto "Nec PluribusImpar" (above all).

The town of Orleans is next with its red brick facade diamond. It is the Groslot hotel built in 1555. Francis II, Charles IX, Henry III and Henry IV stayed there. The wedding room is all wood. A Gothic troubadour nineteenth century characterizes the interior decoration, with memories of Joan of Arc furniture, paintings, Aubusson tapestries and wooden chests ....

Orleans, city of art
The Museum of Fine Arts (1, rue Fernand Rabier) houses 2,000 paintings, 700 sculptures, a collection of 10,000 drawings and 50,000 prints. The pastels firm is the second in France after the Louvre. The large room in the basement is the most beautiful room with its red walls, giving the illusion of an exhibition of the new century with works to the ceiling.

Garden stroll
The Floral Park Orleans La Source is labeled "Remarkable Garden" for its 950 iris varieties classified "national collection" for its rose garden and a vegetable garden. There is also the butterfly house and the source of the river Loiret.

Distance between Orléans and Paris airports

It takes at least 1 hour 30 minutes to reach from Orly airport, the closest to the city of Orleans, located at 123 km. 156 km separate Roissy airport and Orléans, which can be reached in 2 hours. To get to Beauvais airport, the ride of 216 km requires 2:42 minutes.