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Orly Airport - Chartres

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Shuttle transfer from Orly Airport to Chartres City


History of the city of Chartres
Chartres is located in an area decorated with megalithic monuments and Neolithic artifacts reflecting a dense occupation by the first farmers. This reflects its origins dating back to prehistoric times.
The central part of the territory of the Carnutes Chartres which was the capital, formerly Autricum, corresponds to the current department of Eure-et-Loir. This was once a great city powered by two aqueducts. A large amphitheater, a forum and temples were in this city.
Saint Altin and San Eodald evangelized in the middle of the third century, the fall of the Roman Empire, Chartres-Autricum, one of the largest dioceses of Gaul.
In the ninth and tenth centuries, Chartres were attacked by the Normans.
The Virgin of the Veil, a gift from the King of France Charles the Bald (823-877) in 876 was the reputation of the city attracting many pilgrims.
Chartres also draws its power from the rich fields of Beauce with its basilica. Other cathedrals were built afterward.
Its monuments and with the Bishop Fulbert of Chartres, Chartres acquired great intellectual renown. Thierry of Chartres, Bernard of Chartres or the Bishop Ivo of Chartres were the big names in town.
The religious movement and economic prosperity of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries amounted Quality churches.
Chartres suffered greatly during the Hundred Years War. In Bretigny, near Chartres housed the Treaty of the truce between the English and Juan the Good, King of France. The Battle of the Herrings passed south of the department which passed food convoys to the besieged city of Orleans.
Charles of Valois, the father of Philip VI coveted Chartres County that was erected in duchy by Francis I in 1528 in favor of Renée de France, Duchess of Ferrara. In 1568, Protestants vainly attacked the city. In 1591, Henri IV will conquer the city and the cathedral was consecrated in February 27, 1594.
The duchy was given by Louis XIV to the House of Orleans. Louis-Philipe still bore the title of Duke of Chartres.
Chartres train station was inaugurated in 1849 after the French Revolution and the tramway in 1899 and in 1909 the airfield where Farman and Latham become famous.
The city was bombed 15 August 1918, in June 1940 and May 1944. In 1940, the prefect of Eure-et-Loir, Jean Moulin, had his first encounter with the troops of the Third Reich. On 18 August 1944, the city was liberated by the American army.
The neighborhoods of La Madeleine and Beaulieu are the symbols of economic development of the city, from the second half of the twentieth century.
Chartres continues to promote job creation and Culture with the inauguration of the "International Centre of Stained Glass", the "CosmeticValley" or the demonstrations of the "Festival of Light".

Transfer between the city of Chartres and Paris airports
An hour is enough to connect Chartres at Orly airport. It would take 30 minutes to get to Roissy airport, which is 115 km. As to Beauvais airport, it is 167 km from the town of Chartres and there must be 2:14 minutes.