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Paris (Hotel or home address) - Verdun Memorial




Shuttle transportation from Paris to  Verdun Memorial and its museum of memory


Verdun, the city is located in the northeast of the chosen Francea January 13, 1916, by the Germans as a place of battle, perfect for a successful plan to end to win. The war of 1914 called Battle of Verdun was a lot of loss to France and the Germans. In memory of soldiers who died giving their lives to their country, a large museum was built in 1967 in the town called Verdun Memorial to 271 km from Paris.
Soldiers who survived have made ​​this place for the memory of their war buddies who have died. This museum is part of the European largest of the Great War. It is now managed by the CNSV: National Committee Souvenir Verdun.
The museum is open from 17 September 1967. A building of 1950 m² with a display area of ​​1000m ², consisting of two large galleries and 21 espacesoù found any car collection, weapons, uniforms and helmets wars, guns, military trucks that were ... collected over time. The photos take up much space in the memorial, those of the French and Germans during the massacre. All of this will make us relive the memories and emotion of the Battle of Verdun.
In 2006, they made a little improvement on the lighting of the interior panels that are more explanatory pictures more readable. A change that still attracts the curiosity of tourists. This museum exists thanks to the recipe of its inputs and the library is open every day.
The Verdun Memorial is a memorial to a symbolic value, with many souvenirs to commemorate the first World War in France.