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Shuttle and visit the museum of the landing at Arromanches

Museum of Arromanches landing is the first museum commemorating the landing and the Battle of Normandy. Opened in 1954, it is located directly next to the beach memorable in the region of Arromanches-les-Bains. In addition, the museum was built on the site of the artificial harbor whose ruins are still collectable few meters from the shore.

Historically, the port was built in order to liberate Normandy invasion of the Nazis. Indeed, defense walls have been erected by the Germans all along the coast, to prepare for a possible enemy attack. Also, an artificial harbor was built for the landing and refueling of allied troops.

Structured piece by piece, the materials needed to build the port were towed from Britain. Then they were joined by the English themselves on the side of Normandy. This port is designed to track the movements of the tide that is to say, its rise and descent. Composed by floating roadways and unloading platform, it was the source of victory in Europe.

Explanation of the design and operation of the artificial harbor is provided during the visit to the museum of the landing at Arromanches. The annals of the phases of landing and victory in the Battle of Normandy therein. The various stages are then presented in the form of animated models or dioramas. Educational panels recounting stories are posted throughout the visit.

Screenings of short films or videos, giving more information on important dates are also available. Other objects and souvenirs are also visible in the museum. Apart from other gear size, amenities soldiers and their arms are exposed. A direct view of fingerprints port completes the visit already enriched with history.