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In prehistoric times and antiquity
We are in the first period of prehistory, the era in which it was found that the city of Angers was occupied by humans through the discovery of a small flint tool.
Now at the beginning of antiquity, a large fortress was extended in the first century BC by the Celtic people of the Andes, originally named Angers who moved north of the Loire. Originally a small town artisans, Angers has now found its scale by including Gallo-Roman villas and baths. With a first enclosure to 275-350, then it may be in competition with the city of Lutetia.
Angers in the Middle Ages
The city of Angers integrates during the Middle Ages thanks to the arrival of Christianity. The institution of a new catacomb and the development of monks' lives permeate the first eras of the universal community of Christians. The city was still terrified by the Bretons and Normans to 850 years despite the Treaty of Angers which was to defend the city against these attacks. Therefore, Charles the Bald makes a big step formed by the territories of Anjou, Touraine and Maine.
It was not until 929 that the first line of the counts of Anjou was created by Fulk I of Anjou, also known as the Roux who took the head of the empire, making peace and serenity in Angers. Then after Roux is Henry II who took power extending from Scotland and the Pyrenees. Moreover, the Chateau d'Angers is the home of the lineage and the king's court. The city now has experienced a significant increase during the medieval era. Thus, schools of Law, Medicine and the best known of Theology in Europe are organized into Universities.

King René, being the last to seize power in Angers opened it to a period of rebirth. Indeed, his reign could allow Angers to live a happy and favorable period for it has made the city a cultural center famous spiritual and political. Anger has also experienced a new golden era of literary, artistic and scientific after a difficult period permeated by plague and the Hundred Years War with Rabelais, Joachim du Bellay, Clement Janequin, Ambroise Pare and many others. Thus the fifth largest city in France where it has established a printing press.

Old Regime and Revolution
Following the famine, epidemics and pressure level of the tax that hit the city of Angers in the mid-seventeenth century, the Angevin perform a rebellion as the Fronde Angevine. Consequently, this led to the abandonment of the advantage of free election of city council: the trusteeship.
Therefore, the former royal provinces were destroyed after the revolt. For this, the provinces of Delegates are encouraged to establish a modernized departments network. That's when the department of Mayenne-et-Loire (future Maine-et-Loire) was born in 1790.

Nineteenth today
After the imposition of new departments in the 1870s by Haussmann, the city of Angers has experienced great damage, ie piercing streets and slaughter of walls. Park against the Haussmann mode to the nineteenth century was decorated with statues, a new theater and real palace of Arts.
These developments followed the establishment of the Continental Hotel or the Blue House which allowed the city of Angers to enter the world of Art Deco.
It was not until June 1940 that the city is inhabited. She also arranged the remains of a regional headquarters. "Honor and Fatherland" is the name of the first resistance movement Angers designed by Victor Chatenay in 1941. After the war this movement enabled the accession to the town of Angers. Therefore, a new era is permitted to the city thanks to this movement because it expressed a great renewal campaign and industrialization.
Currently, thanks to the CNRS research laboratories and INRA, the city of Angers took a greater extent by the advanced technology and vegetable sector.

Distance between Angers and Paris airports
A 287 km from Orly Airport is the city of Angers. The trip takes 2 hours 49 minutes. It is the closest airport to the city. Orly and Beauvais are respectively 320 km and 371 km, the journey time is 2 hours 20 minutes and 4 hours.