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History of Mont Saint-Michel

Part of the department of Manche Basse Normandie region, the Mont-Saint-Michel is a big city inheriting its name from a small island dedicated to Saint Michel. The abbey of Mont Saint-Michel is currently installed there.
Because of its structure, the Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay host over 3 million visitors each year (3,250,000 in 2006), which ranks among the most visited site in Normandy and at national level in France, it ranks third after the Île-de-France. A statue of St. Michael on the top of the abbey church overlooks the city 170 meters. Another advantage, not least, the abbey and its outbuildings are in the list of 1862 regarding the historical monuments (60 other buildings are protected thereafter). Since 1979, the town and the bay are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Previously known under the name "Mont Tombe," there was a "stone" dedicated to a pagan ceremony, which was taken over in 709 by a first oratory in honor of the Archangel Michael. And about 710 and during the period of the Middle Ages had its name "Mont Saint-Michel at the peril of the sea" (Mons Sancti Michaeli in periculo husband).
At the time of Charlemagne, the Mount has a strong link with the diocese of Avranches in Neustria which surely justifies the fact that Mount belongs to the territory of Abrincates, part of the Armorican confederation to which the Roman administrative framework and the framework Christian religious are copied in accordance with the process observed in Normandy today and well beyond.
The Cotentin and Avranches were granted to the King of Britain, St Solomon in 867 by the Treaty of Compiègne, both excluded from the Norman territory offered to the Viking chief Rollo in 911. Mont Saint-Michel Breton continue to be always making part of the diocese of Avranches part of the Archdiocese of Rouen also, and even long after the first in 933 when William of Normandy appropriated Avranchin the border was provisionally set at the coast of the river Sélune in is Mount.
Several celebrities are buried in the Saint Martin chapel of the abbey the Dukes of Brittany in Rennes, including: - Tort Conan the I (992), named "Princeps Britannorum" during the confirmation of a donation made to the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, 28 July 990 on which all of the bishops of Britain were present - Geoffrey I Beranger (1008), husband of Havoise of Normandy, great benefactor of the abbey via the income granted to Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes and Saint-Benoît-des-Ondes.
In 1009, the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is led by the Duke of Normandy. Father Maynard II then withdrew to Redon Abbey but following a choice Richard II, Father Hildebert I was substituted.

Distance between Paris airports and the Mont Saint-Michel
The Mont Saint-Michel is quite far from Paris airports. Indeed, it is 338 km from Beauvais airport, 374 km from Orly Airport and 380 km from Roissy Airport. Travel times are from 4:00 to 4:30 minutes.