Transfer CDG Airport - Caen

CDG Airport - Caen


Shuttle transfer from Paris CDG airport to the city of Caen



Overview of the city of Caen

The name of Caen is a town belonging to the township of Normandy is known for the first time in 1025 to justify the presence of many cited therein are agglomerated. This territory, taken by the Vikings 100 years earlier, was reconquered by the Normans which are recognized as brave fighters who have extended their prowess to Sicily, have confirmed the power of their sovereignty. From 1050, William the Bastard, also known as the Conqueror, one of the highest dignitaries of Normandy, has made the city of Caen one of the most dominant centers in the region.

The fate of the city of Caen is attached to England since the conquest of the island by William the Conqueror. Indeed, the English have contributed to the transformation of this town during the famous Hundred Years War. Following the request of King Henry VI, the University of the construction was carried out which was completed in 1432, is now part of one of the oldest universities in France.

Although Caen was born in Roman times, it was only during the Renaissance period it had its greatest development, to mention that the famous hotel Escoville, timber-framed houses of Quatrans or the Saint-Pierre Street, making it submits the name "Norman Athens'. Moreover, the poet François Malherbe Caen has strongly marked the intellectual life of the city bathed in the calm and serenity that was building its future to the Enlightenment. Therefore, this intellectual movement launched in Europe also invaded the city and put it in the era of industrialization, which enabled the establishment of the railway joining the city to the capital in 1855. Furthermore, the opening of the sea channel in 1857 has enabled the port of Caen to expand its business internationally.

The famous Normandy landings on 6 June 1944 has put the city of Caen in the middle of the history of mankind. After the liberation war had mobilized 3 million combatants, Caen was restored and he instituted the Memorial Museum to honor its commitment to reconciliation, brotherhood and Defence of Human Rights, which it allowed to acquire in 1999 the honorary title of Unesco Award Cities for Peace.

This unrivaled Caen stone

The famous Caen stone appeared there 165 million years and is renowned in antiquity has many qualities. Color ocher, it is not very frost sensitive, easy to cut and grains are fine and compact. To seduce England, the sovereign Guillaume was traveling there in the eleventh century. The most beautiful buildings of Caen, namely the two abbeys and Caen Castle are obviously built with these gems from the basements of the city and an estimated 11 million cubic meters. Many countries such as Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, the USA, Canada or Bermuda Islands were also fallen under the spell of this unique stone and imported for their construction. In the early twentieth century, it is a bit abandoned but its extraction was taken for the restoration of major projects such as the Saint-Pierre in Caen, Canterbury Cathedral and Buckingham Palace in England.


Distance between Paris airports and Caen

Beauvais Airport is the closest to the city of Caen as 211 km separate for a journey of about 3 hours. Caen is 247 km from Orly Airport and 254 km from Roissy Airport Airport.