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CDG Airport - Giverny


Shuttle transportation from the airport Charles de Gaulle Giverny

Focus on the town of Giverny
Mainly renowned for the house and gardens of Claude Monet, a poignant painter, the town of Giverny is a French urban area located in the Haute-Normandie region is a region combining two departments ie the Seine-Maritime and Eure. The village is mentioned to 1025 under the Latinized form Giverniacum.
Around the year 1025, it was given the Latin name as Giverniacum.
The foundation of the parish was held under the Merovingians and gave the church the name of St. Radegonde.
The town of Giverny is under the direction of the monks of the abbey of Saint-Denis-le-Ferment by the king Charles the Bald in 863.
The stronghold and the church of Giverny was put under the disposal of the abbey of Saint-Ouen in Rouen to the eleventh century.
Many monasteries are built in the village of which was established near a called Moûtier property. In addition, until the Revolution, the situation of the tithe collection paid to building the church back to the mansion nicknamed Tithing.
In the city, a hospital for people with leprosy is not lacking.
However, the return to the land of Giverny Household Lorier whose father was the first mayor of the metropolitan area during the movement of the revolt, more precisely in 1791.

A few years after the revolution, the village underwent a great transformation that was made by the brilliant painter Claude Monet that had live Giverny. This has changed the shape of his house and completely restructured the orchard garden with flowers. In 1893, the lily pond whose "Water Lilies" painted around was dug on the small arm of the river Epte. This famous artist died December 5, 1926 and was buried in the cemetery near the church. After his death, many US and other painters lived in the village some of which were close to Claude Monet. Another artist also, Gerald van der Kemp has in turn reshaped the home and gardens of Claude and was also buried close to the latter in 2001.

Furthermore, the Terra Foundation for American Art has made the inauguration of American art museum of the village in 1992, including 17 years after becoming the museum of Impressionist Giverny.

The small town has hosted dignitaries as Hillary Clinton, the wife of the US president in 1996 and that of the Emperor of Japan in 2007.

Since 1793, a list of people executed in the town allowed to know the progressive transformation of the number of inhabitants. Indeed, they are counted in the 501 in 2012. To the twenty-first century, this list was effected every 5 years for municipalities with at least 10,000 inhabitants and annually for other cities.

Distance between the three airports in Paris and Giverny
Starting from Beauvais airport, one can get to Giverny in 1:16 min only 75 km away. Yet for those who land at the airport of Roissy and Orly, there must be 1 hour 30 minutes on the road.