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CDG Airport - Fontainebleau


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History of the city of Fontainebleau

This community is known as a hunting ground by Louis VII and like other French municipalities, Fontainebleau is a church by Louis VII.

It was only after the return of Francis I of Spain after his defeat at Pavia in 1525 that Fontainebleau is designated as an agglomeration. In fact, he built a wop-style castle where he sought the help of the very famous Italian artists. This building is intended to consolidate his reign following his long absence from the kingdom.

Since the King and the Court frequently visit the town of Fontainebleau where it is released gradually surveillance Avon. Very early, hotels and restaurants at very high prices were constructed there. The Court is not present in the city, workers and artists take the opportunity to embellish increasingly castle which also serves as their year-round habitat.

This fortune enabled Fontainebleau acquire 7,000 people. Other major infrastructure as the castle, the range of hotels are in trentaines to be appointed by the rulers and fiefs namely the Palace of Ferrara to the seventeenth century.

Fontainebleau has many streets that are very large and well drilled. For example, the "rue Grande" which is the main route into the city and has a length of 2600 m, there is also the side street with a length of 1,200 m past the church and the town hall.

Place Solferino, instead Denecourt, which opens the gate of the Garden of Diana, the Place d'Armes and Place Francois I, instead of City Hall, instead of Step-aux-Vins and the Republic Square are places that make it less dense the city of Fontainebleau.

To avoid accidents, the speed limit is 30 km / h in all the arteries of the village apart from a few main lines of communication in September 2010. Thus, to better protect pedestrians and people going by bicycle.

With its 17,205 hectares, Fontainebleau is the largest town in the Île-de-France region. Being located in the southwest of the Seine-et-Marne, this municipality is, as it were completely covered with a forest stretching as some surrounding communities in the 25 000 hectares. Besides walking, Parisians can also perform an escalation across the vast high hill and numerous rocks extending into the forest. Other than Fontainebleau, there are also around this other forest hamlets namely Melun is located north Barbizon located northwest which is made by famous painters who lived there poignant past. Quartz, which have not yet undergone processing covers several areas of the forest. Moreover, the National Forestry lined softwood resort, an act that later led to protest by some visitors affirming the great change its ecosystem was once based hardwood.

The city outside the forest and castle stretches in 232 hectares.

Distance between Fontainebleau and Paris airports
Orly Airport is only 59 km from Fontainebleau and the journey takes 45 minutes. My Roissy and Beauvais are respectively 88 km and 162 km.