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History of the city of Provins
From the Gallo-Roman period to the present day, the road from Soissons to Troyes heading north and the direction leading to the southwest remain the two communication channels which play an important role in the city of Provins. They now form, with the Seine Valley, a major artery enclosing the spur of the original population. We can not determine the origin of the name of Provins but it is possible that it comes from an acronym of Probus Vinum. According to a rise of Charlemagne prescription in 802, the oldest document matching Provins, it was already well established and from 983, he became the lead actor of the land of the powerful Counts of Champagne. During the Middle Ages, they were one of the largest areas of the Hexagon and also where these counts remain.

Châtel, a commune in the Haute-Savoie department has done much to protect the city of Provins between the eleventh and twelfth century thanks to its political and influential market power. Furthermore, the small village is fortified and it houses the St. Quiriace College and the Palace of the Counts. A wooden wall was erected in the late twelfth century, then wrapped stone in the first half of the thirteenth century, it served as a defense wall for half of the thirteenth century that served as a defense for houses and stalls at major markets in the city, down the valley.

Being directed by the Counts of Champagne in the Middle Ages, Provins receives large public contracts as the city of Troyes, that of Lagny and Bar-sur-Aube. Unlike these, Provins is the only one to have kept its original fabric as major markets proved to be important for the city. In the central hexagon, they adorn the important regional axis that leads north. Therefore, not to cause a mess and also avoid competition, the Counts of Champagne took the decision as fairs should be performed regularly, this on an annual cycle. However, traders and retailers from across Europe and the East seem interested in these large markets, making banking centers of Provins much greater. Indeed, its currency is one of the few currencies approved throughout Europe. The visit of Abelard and Chretien de Troyes in Provins justified the future of the city into an intellectual and artistic center. Between the years 1120 and 1320, following major fairs that have succeeded, Provins has experienced great turn in the economy, politics and the deployment of foreign trade relations especially with the Hanseatic League, Flanders and Italy.

With proper documentation dated twelfth century, Provins has to worry about the development of the city and its aftermath.

Market and fair are two different terms, the first means a continuous activity which aims to establish a direct sales service to customers, while a fair, often international, defines an activity pointed at traders and suppliers. For this, its function is primarily to present and consider products by potential suppliers, second to negotiate and acquire these goods, and finally last check performed legally sales. Regarding fairs, the latter recommend long drive moving means and also special rules for better security and a perfect insurance. They aimed, among others, the development of various tasks which will lead and inspire a particular type of urban fabric. Historically, Provins is seen as a center dedicated to the fairs.

Around the year 1234, the Counts of Champagne cling to the inheritance of Navarre but this attachment disappears less. 50 years later, Champagne and Provins also belong the royal residence by the union of Philip IV the Fair Jeanne of Navarre. In the fifteenth century, the city of Provins is put under the direction of English to French but returns toward the end of the Hundred Years War. Moreover, it seems that the Industrial Revolution has not greatly affected the city of Provins. It remains the small town fairs and thus escaped destruction and alterations that many cities had to undergo. One reason she was able to keep its medieval shape.

Distance between Provins and Paris airports
The Charle de Gaulle airport is the nearest to the city of Provins for 94 km between them and the journey takes 1 hour 20 minutes. Beauvais Airport is the farthest (168 km in 2 hours).