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The Verdun Memorial
Located in the hills of the center of Verdun, the museum of the First World War illustrates the damage caused by the latter of which 300,000 missing and 400,000 injured.
The Verdun Memorial was created in 1967 by Maurice Genevoix, academician and former soldier. It is part of the major European galleries of the Great War. Any information about the event that changed Verdun is mentioned in this museum.
"Verdun The survivors built this museum to honor the memory of those killed during the war and also to convey to visitors the ideal and faith who have a passion and allowed the fighters to stand facing this tragic event"
Having a structure on the association, the Memorial is currently led by CNSV (National Committee of Remembrance Verdun) which was established in 1951. In addition, delegates from associations fighting namely Gueules Broken, French Remembrance Federation Maginot, and many others will manage the museum. The revenues of its inputs, its bookstore allow him to hold with the support of associations of Veterans Affairs.

The Memorial contains rich and varied collections and rare pieces that make him one of the greatest museums of the Great War. By cons, this cultural aspect is far from being recognized in the renowned museum. Its original appearance remains in its memorial power.

Indeed, to understand this power, a study of its geographical location and its structure is required. As in mankind, its power remains decidedly eternal. The museum, formerly a shrine became a place of worship. This is where stands a medieval ceremony of the pact that unites tourists to the French soldiers; tribute to them; gift, gift offered by men and women to the institution's service for over forty years.

It is also considered the battlefield as a memorable place by these facts: 300,000 dead and 350,000 wounded from the bombing and persistent clashes between the two camps for almost a year. At the end of hostilities, Monsignor Ginisty built an ossuary where he gathered the bodies of victims of war and another memorial to also honor the survivors. For this it was supported by Maurice Genevoix who is the secretary of the French Academy, President of CNSV and also a veteran. Moreover he did not resist the fierce fighting of 1915 and was remodeled. The feeling of instituting these places to honor the memory of those fighters is completely rooted in him. The Second World War was the obstacle to the construction of a memorial museum of the Maginot Federation to 1939.

Distance between Paris airports and the Verdun Memorial
The distance between the memorial of Verdun and Paris airports is about the same (260 280 km) and it should be a 3 hour ride on road if we want to get to the airport of Orly and Charles de Gaulle and 4 hours to reach Beauvais airport.