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CDG Airport - Creil and its Castle


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Creil -City industry
"An industrial property dating back centuries"
Historically, the city was known for its stone industries, metallurgy and chemistry. Between the late seventeenth century to the present, the industry is one of the main activities of the community of agglomeration Creil. More than a hundred old factories as Arcelor-Mittal, Goss, Akzo-Nobel, etc. are still present in the Creil region.
One of the most important is fitted along the axis formed by the Oise, along the right bank of the railway between Paris and Brussels. Then it is distributed along the Thérain river in the town of Montataire, and Brescia. In general, houses and all necessary materials group of the Oise are located within walking distance of the oldest industrial areas and also in some cities managed by many workers.
Currently, this small French town is marked by the remains of the past, work space and mansions that adorn the landscape, a city that was a true industrial heritage as Gournay school near the Y bridge that was once a factory electricity.
These buildings really relate that the city was a real industrial heritage. Indeed, many plants are still there today present, among others, French nail manufacturing plants, Clouterie Rivierre which is the only one with an exceptional know-how in France.

Important History point about the town of Creil
As the King of France, Charles V had a lot of attraction to the town of Creil, he decided to return in 1374 the market was happening every Tuesday. Two years later came the two big annual fairs taking place in May and also during the day of the dead. In 1375, Charles V gives Wenceslas, son of Beatrice and Jean de Bourbon King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg also the lordship of Creil, which remain the domain of the King of France for over a century. Therefore, the castle was immediately reconstituted the rest of which was a tower that faces the Oise arm and the vaulted ground floor of the property of Gallé and in 1929 it was purchased by the city and became the municipal gallery called "The Museum Gallé-July."

Mr. Juéry, the Crown Prosecutor sold the castle to the Condé family about 1782 and July 17, 1789, the Prince de Conde left the country. The people of Creil, being concerned about the return of the latter arm themselves and engage in search for 8 h in the countryside. This huge concern entitled "Great Fear" permeates the end of July 1789. extraordinary events were held in Creil during the period of the revolt like those of 13 October 1793, during which dramatic events took place such as burning papers lordship of the town hall square and dance around the tree of Liberty. The church of Saint-Médard was destroyed.

Route between Paris airports and the city of Creil
34 minutes are enough to connect Charle de Gaulle airport in Roissy with 39 km of road. Beauvais Airport is reachable in 38 minutes to travel the 47 km that separate them. Orly Airport is the farthest because it would pévoir one hour to travel the 76 km.