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Orly Airport - Creil and its Castle



Transport in a private shuttle between Orly Airport and the town of Creil

Creil -A city rich in its cultural diversity and its future
In France, in the department of Oise in Picardy is called a common Creil.
In the valley of the Oise, north of Paris, a city of 35,000 inhabitants is in the middle of the urban unit of Creil putting together 116,662 inhabitants in 2009. It is also the first of the Oise department the second in the Picardie region.

In the center of the Creil territory can be classified Creil in third place in the city of Oise, which is in the middle of the second town in the Picardy region. The town of Creil having significant resources to its industrial tradition, particularly in the production of pottery since the 19th century, requires its legend and its various working cultures near 107 nationalities from continuous immigrations of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

A third of the 34,000 inhabitants including 34,145 on 1 January 2014 - INSEE source are all minors. North of Paris, everyone knows Creil was the first medium-sized city. It is equipped with all equipment levels to social, sporting, administrative, cultural and hygienic allowing its residents to discover closely the necessary services.

The city set in scope and covers of the Oise Regional Natural Park entrance has a dense natural environment without forgetting the green areas which occupy a third of its surface.

Economically, various benefits such as communication channels (A1 and A16 motorways), the 2 airports are located one next to the other (Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Beauvais-Tille) and its station support the idea of ​​this opening. This is a city with an open and proper fortune, showing youth and leading to a better future.

From 1844 seat of a royal castle in the Middle Ages, the revolution of Creil was thus characterized the nineteenth century with an industry that has benefited greatly from the presence of the railway and the neighborhood of the capital. Earthenware is an undeniable specialty which the city owns. To this end, the city showed that agglomeration appears as an important metal processing center and other industrial facilities in automotive sector. The city in which the historic site is located on the Ile Saint-Maurice and then on the left bank has expanded around the station, on the right bank from 1850. During the thirty glorious years, we built new neighborhoods posing as housing estates on the plateau overlooking the valley. Nevertheless, from 1970, the city has encountered various difficulties including the crisis in the metal sector. This problem is thus caused in all neighborhoods tray. A solution is thus proposed and in 2007 we decided to do a project to renew the city for exceptionally neighborhoods of the city.

Shuttle transportation between Paris airports and the city of Creil

A 39 km from Roissy airport, the town of Creil be reached in 34 minutes. Beauvais Airport is 47 km and the journey is done in 38 minutes. As to Orly airport, it is 76 km from the town of Creil and there must be a 1 hour drive.