Transfer Orly airport - Colleville-sur-Mer

Orly Airport - Colleville-Sur-Mer


Transport by private shuttle from Orly airport Omaha Beach Colleville-sur-Mer

Omaha Beach
Between two high cliffs, Omaha Beach, a stretch of marsh and scrub, ends with a steep embankment almost inaccessible rollers.
Vierville and Colleville St. Lawrence are only accessible by four valleys.
Skip Omaha Beach will be hard for the allies.
The Utah sectors west and east DEGOLD around Omaha Beach. Gaps between the bridgeheads are to be avoided so that the Germans did engulfed. Steep cliffs along the shore of Utah Beach in Gold Beach. It is between Vierville and Colleville the Allied command decided to land there.
For their part, the Germans installed behind the dike and on the heights their troops armed with machine guns and mortars.
The beach is undermined and pious army and steel hedgehogs. The Bunker, minefields, anti-tank ditches and walls intersecting paths. .

Landing on Omaha Beach
June 06 at 4:30, 10 out of 180 barges were swallowed by the waves.
At 6:30, the first soldiers out of chalandes under a deluge of iron and fire. Night aerial bombing and naval shelling German missed their target.
The 3 companies of the 716th Infantry Division were reinforced by elements of the 352nd Division, better equipped.
Despite the where tired, cold and fear, the survivors of the first wave trying to reach the shore.
The conditions are completely different from training in England. In addition, they can not count on the amphibious tanks nor the 29 DD Sherman which 27 sank.
The opposing anti-tank guns were firing on armored routed on the beach.
Around 7:30, the second wave faces the bullets and mortar shells. Panicking, the soldiers hiding in the waves or against obstacles.
The barges explode on traps that have not been destroyed.
The troops are not advancing and American soldiers are stuck on a sandbar increasingly narrow.
At 8:30 am, General Omar Bradleyordonne stopping new start waves. He plans to stop the landings at Omaha and go on Utah Beach.

With the support of destroyers under the command of some leaders, troops manage to pass. Advancing slowly, the GIs arrive on set and encircle the German positions. The outcome of the US switch to bataillecommence faveurdes.

Balance evening of June 6
On the evening of D-Day, a bridgehead 2km inland is established by the Allies. Vierville is released, and the fighting continues in Saint Laurent and Colleville-sur-Mer.
The casualties were heavy: about 4,000 killed, wounded and missing in American troops. The dead are buried on the beach in a temporary cemetery, just outside of Vierville. These deaths are registered in the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer after the war, a mecca of tourism of memory currently in Normandy.

Transfer to Omaha Beach starting from the Paris airports
The Beauvais airport is 265km Omaha Beach and the trip is done in 3 hours 4 minutes. As to Orly and Roissy airports, they are 301 km and 308 km from Omaha Beach.